Friday, May 17, 2013

Syttende Mai Colors

Gratulerer med Dagen Norge!!!
199 years!
And what better way to celebrate than something crocheted in the 
Syttende Mai Colors:
(How about that for a segue?)
Which just happens to coordinate with the master bedroom linens:
 Yup, that's what I am talking about.
So it starts with a package from Mor in Norway,
which included a Syttende Mai ribbon:
the color inspiration piece.
 And then it continues with some yummy Encore Yarn in just the right shades
 to match the existing bedroom pillows:
How about that for a match, huh?
Luck was on my side that day!
Next, the search was on for a pattern (or two).
Here are the search results:

Pattern #1 - Eight Petal Popcorn Flower Granny
Aren't they fun?

 Instructions were a little difficult to find, at least that were easy for
my crochet brain to follow, so I combined a few and these were the result.
 If you are so inclined, I believe you could root around on
the WWW and find something that could help you out.
I may post about these more in the future with additional instructions.
I really like them, they make me smile.
Then they were joined with a slip stitch here:
then for the other side,
something totally different:

Pattern #2 - Paintbrush
Then edged with one row of sc's and two rows of dc's.
 Pattern can be purchased from
The Felted Button here.
Oh, and you have got to at least click on the link
 to see the gorgeous colors she used for her pillow!
(Pattern #1 edged with one row of sc's and one row of dc's)
Later when I discovered this was too small I added another row of dc to both.
 The two patterns joined with that $1.49 IKEA pillow again.

And don't forget some buttons from the button stash.
These must be very old as they were only $1.70 and Made in Italy...
The completed two sided Syttende Mai Pillow:

The NVO states that if I ever go out of town he will not be putting
all those pillow back on the bed each morning...ohhhhh, the nightmares;
 I'll never be able to go out of town without him.
In any case,
Happy Independence Day Norway!
We are planning to celebrate the 200th, 
next year, with you in Norway!


  1. That's quite a pretty pillow. Love that you have the little popcorn flowers on the front and the paintbrush pattern on the back - it's like 2 pillows in one. :)

  2. Очень красивая и уютная подушка! Супер!

  3. Hello Astri, WOW I love both pillow patterns and the yarn colors is very perfect to reflect you wonderful country colors. Happy Independence day Norway. Hugs judy

  4. Lovely cushion, Astri!! The first picture reminds me of the dollar store garden you have been posting about:) the flowers blooming out of those checkered spaces.
    I have seen Susan's pattern earlier and it is indeed very attractive and beautiful!!

  5. Ja, det er Norge i rødt, kvitt og blått! Hadde faktisk ikkje tenkt på at det er 200-års jubileum neste år;)
    Artige mønster du hadde hekla på puta di:) Eg har forresten aldri forstått dette med alle desse putene til pynt i senga... eg er jo berre på soverommet når eg skal sove;)
    Fortsatt fin 17. mai til deg!

  6. I think it is great you keep trying out new patterns, it is good to mix it up a bit, Good colour matching too. Jo x

  7. Hola querida Astri que buena idea magnifico trabajo me encanta el punto de pincel es precioso ya lo probare y las florcitas en el otro almohadón que hermoso trabajo realmente para festejar besitos Sandra.

  8. I like this a lot! Also the colors of the yarn with the other pillows.

  9. Happy Syttende Mai! Are you having lutefisk for dinner? (Very low-carb, you know.) :)

    Your pillow is GORGEOUS! Love that popcorn texture and the little ridges around each square. And the paintbrush side is beautiful. (Also those lovely floral pillows.)

    Your bed looks so nice - I tend to let ours slide because it's not on public view. In fact I'm proud of myself if I just pull the comforter up. (In summer I'm better about making the bed because the summer spread really demands it.)

    Enjoy your day! It's a big deal around here because of our large Norwegian population.

  10. Wow Astri just love it, especially the paintbrush side, the colours match perfectly. Happy Independance day!xxxx

  11. Oh my, another gorgeous pillow.


  12. Great color matching, and I love, love, love your beautiful pillow! :)

  13. Love your pillow! Very pretty!! Have a great day, and an even better weekend! ~tina

  14. You are so gifted! :) Your works are always beautiful!

  15. Thank you all so much for your kind words.

  16. Well now, that all came together beautifully. That yarn does match the colors you already have. I love how the pillow turned out and the fact that it is two-sided. My husband doesn't so much mind all the pillows, guess he's used to them. But when guests come over and sit in the living room, they wonder what they are all for. Ha! Have a great weekend. Tammy

  17. Ce coussin est très élégant : la couleur de laine est très jolie, les boutons sont magnifiques et le point utilisé très chic. Bref, tout me plait, je l'adopte :)

  18. Super nice pillow!! Great color combination and the flowers are beautiful :-))

  19. I love your pillow! It is so full of texture and fun--especially because it is double-sided! Thanks for the link to Felted Button. I'm so happy to follow you around now. I linked to this post on my Facebook page (but used my image since I hadn't talked with you about it) because your pillow is terrific! My hubby moans about the pillows all over the house. He just doesn't get the point. Maybe it is because they get in the way of sitting. Hmmm. Beauty? Function? I obviously choose beauty! And your pillows are just that! (By the way, I'm a Salt Lake gal, too!)
    Susan @ Felted Button