Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gone Too Long!

I've been away from blogging for a while...
sometimes life, work, and unfortunately even death takes it's toll.

All is much better now and I'm excited to be back!
Please don't mistake my absence as 
time away from crocheting,
as that is simply not the case. ;-).
You see, for me, crocheting is very therapeutic and carries
me through the good times and the not so good times.
Crochet is my place for love, joy, and peace.

So lets get back into this with that which is essential to crochet:


And here's some fun with Stylecraft Special DK yarn:

During the holidays, I asked Little Bug to put together some color combos she likes.
Her color choices are always different than mine 
and I like the change of perspective.
I hope you can see the color names.
If not, just ask, and will let you know what they are.

I think I like this one best:
How about you?

Oh and if you think this is fun...just you wait until the next post.
It's fun x 10!

More organized yarn fun to come!!!


  1. Astri! How nice to see you again! You have made me feel guilty about finishing off that Granny Rose blanket that is just waiting patiently to be joined! Oh my, things keep getting in the way! As for the colour combos above, my favourites are: the second one with storm blue and petrol and the fifth with pale rose, petrol and parchment!

    Looking forward to seeing your yarn fun x 10!

    1. Thank you Sandra. So good to hear from you. Would love to see your afghan finished someday haha. ;-) It was a work of art, that's for sure!

  2. Lovely to see you posting Astri, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for that luscious yarn. :) xx

    1. Nice to hear from you Linda! I'm glad you are still at it. I've missed you!

  3. Glad your back Astri. I love all of the yarn combos but I would have to say the last one is my favorite too.


    1. Hi Linda! Thank you or stopping by and leaving a comment. We have the same taste in colors! :-)

  4. Wonderful to see your here Astri, I have missed you ♥ Oh got to love stylecraft special dk I have LOTS lol and will be keen to see the next post ☺☺☺

    1. Hi Wendy! Ah yes, the yarn...there are so many colors, I suppose that's why it becomes so addicitve to me...oh and "So many colors" is a hint of things to come I've missed you too!

  5. Happy to be reading your posts again. As for the color combinations - I like the first and last one.

    1. Hi Irene - thank you for the comment! I like those color combos too, I suppose I like all sorts of combinations now. It's funny how others can open you up to see something you did not see before. I am so happy that you are reading the posts. I'm hoping to hear from you again. :-)

  6. Welcome back. I know what you mean about life taking us away from our blogging world. Sometimes that simply must take a back seat. I have been incredibly busy as well. Lucky to get a post a week up!

  7. Nice color combos! Did you ever finish the makeover of the free chair?

  8. The color combinations are lovely and as you said quite different. I am going to save these pics for future use. :)
    Welcome back and have a lovely day.

  9. Your blog is very impressive….

  10. Welcome back. I always like your color combos. I'm not good with colors at all.

  11. glad you are back, love your work and your writing!! I wish kindness for your heart. from Iowa , USA