Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stylecraft Special DK Color Combos 5 of 5

This week I have been posting some favorite
Stylecraft Special DK yarn color combos....

These will only scratch the surface of the possibilities,
but too many may bore you. ;-)

It's day five and I'm ending this with a color combo to go with one of my favorite accessories.
I'm excited about this one!

Here's 5 of 5:
Ah ha! Colors to go with my Converse!
Hmmmm.... this does not seem very creative.
I may have come up with something monochromatic and boring?
(I do love this color though!)

I need your help...
What colors do you think could be added to this?
I would love your suggestions!

I'm working on Phase II of the labeling of the roses.
Please stay tuned!

You can purchase this "Rose Made in Round" pattern
at my Etsy shop by clicking here.

As always,

Happy Crocheting!