Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stylecraft Special DK Color Combos 4 of 5

This week I have been posting some favorite
Stylecraft Special DK yarn color combos....

These will only scratch the surface of the possibilities,
but too many may bore you. ;-)

I will end day five with a color combo to go with one of my favorite accessories.
I'm excited about that one!

Here's 4 of 5:

This set is dedicated to my Rockman aka the NVO!

Look how differently the colors photograph inside.
Wow - it's all about the natural light! 

Come back tomorrow for one of my favorite accessories photographed with roses. 

You can purchase this "Rose Made in Round" pattern
at my Etsy shop by clicking here.

As always,


  1. I really love all the colors, but so sad it is plastic. You know we Norwegians love the real thing, 100% wool :) But the colors....

  2. Hi Monica,
    Being Norwegian I love 100% wool too! (I love cotton too) And I love scarves, mittens, and hats in wool, but since I crochet so many blankets, this beautiful acrylic the yarn is the yarn that fits into my budget when I need A LOT of yarn. :-) Ahhhh, how I do love the Dale Baby Wool, though!