Friday, February 4, 2011

A Crocheter and a Knitter Unite

I Dream of Crocheters and Knitters Uniting

My mother knits. (Min mor strikker.)
 She lives in Norway. (Hun bor i Norge.)

I crochet. (Jeg hekler.)
I live in the USA. (Jeg bor i USA.)

Neither one of us is particularly interested in furthering our skills in the others' craft, although we have both given it a pretty good try. By stroke of good will and luck, Sarah London has given us the opportunity to join our crafts together. The result is a rainbow blanket inspired by Sarahs' ”Crochet a Rainbow” project. This blanket has been sent to Sarah, with 21 granny squares, along with our love and best wishes for the Australian flood victims. Sarah will join all the granny squares, from around the world, into blankets for those affected by the floods.

The result of three women combining two crafts for a worthy cause:

The Rose Granny Squares
Included in the package are three sets of seven rose granny squares: 7-7-7, a lucky number combination.

The "United" Rainbow Blanket

Shipped today with love from the USA
Once again, thank you, Sarah
for bringing the world together for a worthy cause.