Saturday, February 26, 2011

Master Afghan Update

Working up a pattern

Remember this?

It's now this:
Six colors: Three blue, two red and white. The basic pattern for the hearts used in the middle of the square pattern can be found at Skip to my Lou. It's been adjusted a little to fit the square.

Now it's time to take a break and give the NVO some much deserved attention. :-)


  1. Such a gorgeous pattern! Love the hearts, so sweet!
    what a lovely afghan this is going to be :)

  2. Oh WOW you're one of those amazingly gifted handicraft people!!! I'm in total awe over the beautiful work you can create!! I will forever be one of those who must pay for such beautiful pieces of craftiness, I have NO patience to learn! The first time I was in Norway the family I stayed with near Lena, tried to teach me to knit. I knitted my one and only sweater during that trip but I had no patience or talent to continue!! hahaha!
    It's very cool you're from Kristiansund. We lived for 12 years (my first 12 in Norway) on Averøy!! Small world eh? Drove through Hustad many times on our way to Molde!! The nature in Nordmøre og Romsdal is out of this world- amazing!!! But it's beautiful here in Østlandet also..all of Norway is gorgeous, I challenge anyone to show me an ugly part to this country!!
    OK, well, I could "chat" indefinitely but won't hog your comments section!! hahaha! Would be lovely to have you as guests with us someday, I so want to fix the apartment up even more and make it very cozy but it will be a project that will take time!! Hjertelig velkommen når dere kommer til Norge ;-)
    En varm klem fra Amy på Eventyrhus :-)

  3. Thank you two so much for the gracious comments. Amy - Leiligheten ser koselig, men når vi besøker Norge ville jeg liker å hjelpe deg, hvis du ønsker.