Monday, February 14, 2011

Berlinerkranser og Forklær

Berlinerkranser og Nydelige Forklær Drømmer
(Berlinerkranser and Pretty Apron Dreams)

There's a cookie I am famous for....well...does having one HUGE fan (the NVO) constitute "famous"? It's a Norwegian Christmas cookie and it's called berlinerkranser ("Berlin Wreaths" or "Little Wreaths" depending on who you ask). The NVO calls them the "J.C. Cookies", he knows in his heart that they must be J.C.'s favorite cookie. I tell him (the NVO, that is) that J.C. likes wine and fish, not berlinakranser, but the NVO has his own theory. If the NVO's theory is correct then I have two HUGE fans.

Now you see them.....

Now you don't.....

Although these are a Christmas cookie, I know I can make the NVO feel especially loved if I make them during other times of the year. This Valentine's Day he received heart shaped berlinerkranser and I received a brand new apron that I had been observing and dreaming about through the window of a lovely local shop for the past few weeks. I think they go very well together.

I will share this recipe with you in the event that you ever are in the company of either one of these two wonderful gentlemen.


2 1/2 hard boiled egg yolks
2 1/2 egg yolks (reserve whites for later dipping)
162 grams of sugar (sorry it's my Norwegian parents recipe; hence, the grams)

Mix above ingredients in stand alone mixer, then slowly add:

1 teaspoon coarse kosher salt
500 grams flour
312 grams unsalted butter

Mix on slow for 3 minutes

Chill dough for 30-60 minutes

Meanwhile, whip egg whites with fork for about 30 seconds until a little frothy and place in a shallow bowl. Then pour some *sprinkles of choice in a shallow bowl, as well.

Roll pieces of dough in little snake or tube shape (a little wider than a pencil), then shape into a ring and dip in egg white mixture first and then the *sprinkles and place on sheet with parchment paper. (In addition to the ring shape these photos show the heart shape - this is a little trickier but can be achieved via practice.)

*The Norwegians use something called pearl sugar (IKEA), it looks like Margarita or pretzel salt, but it's not - it's sugar. Additionally, I used red sprinkles for V-day. The NVO loves non-pariels and, they come in many colors for any occasion but some pretty pastel colors for Easter will be nice.
Bake 375 for 10 minutes maybe 11 maybe 12...the edges will be slightly golden brown.

These flaky cookies will undoubtedly melt in your mouth. Make sure they cool a bit before removing from cookie sheet as they crumble when hot.

Pearl Sugar and Sprinkles

Heart ~ Traditional Ring ~ Strange Letter

For You NVO...Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I <3 You!


  1. Egg yolks - fascinating. And some funky measurements too. 162 grams of sugar and 312 of butter - were these translated from some other measuring system?

    I will definitely be giving these a try. I love rich, simple cookies.

    What a very lovely apron.

  2. The recipe was from my father's bakery - it's 1/4 the recipe so that you don't need a commercial mixer. The original recipe called for 10 hard boiled egg yolks, 10 raw egg yolks, etc. hence the funkiness. :-)