Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Favorite Lost Recipe

Is it possible to organize and simplify every nook and cranny of the home
 or is it just a dream?

An Organizing Opportunity:
Prompted out of necessity and a little embarrassment and spurned on by obsession.
(Sometimes obessive behavior can be a good thing....really!)

Over a year ago while cleaning out a couple of HUGE bins of old magazines, I ran across a recipe that stated it was "The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe; Crispy on the Edges and Chewy in the Middle" hmmmmm...I thought, could this be so? I preceded to show the recipe to the NVO, who is quite handy in the kitchen, and he said "Let's find out, I will try the recipe", and he did indeed try the recipe and it did indeed, prove to be so.

So low and behold, this weekend the NVO wanted to make the cookies for a Sunday sports event and "Little Miss Organized" could not find the recipe for the life of her. It's no wonder as all the recipes from the last year were stashed in a corner, well... at least most of the recipes from the last year (there may have been a few "other areas" where more recipes lingered, my memory fails me...). Then, as expected,"Little Miss Obsessive" spent over an hour going through the pile again and again and "other areas" again to no avail.

I should note that at the very beginning of this frantic search the NVO put a few key words in our old friend "Mr. Google" and quickly found the recipe...but I was compelled to continue the madness. (Click here; for the recipe...I promise if you try it you will not regret it.) 

NVO started the cookie making process while I continued the search. I did, however; put the search aside for a few minutes while the NVO helped me do "my thing" to some of the dough.

My Thing:
Being a true Scandinavian I love almonds so the NVO gave me a chunk of the dough and I added almond extract, sliced almonds and milk chocolate chips...mmmmm.
His cookies must not touch and her cookies ;-)
There would have been more cookies than this, but the cookie dough monster (NVO) was on the loose.

His and Hers Cookies

Okay, so back to the task at hand: the recipe organizing. I love my laptop and I love the Internet. It brings a plethora of recipes and answers to any question regarding any recipe instantly with a few keyboard strokes; however, I still like photo albums, recipe binders and books that I can cuddle up with on the sofa. No worries of  dead batteries, bad connections, or carpel tunnel syndrome, plus they just simply feel good.

I do like these "paper" things neat and orderly, so you can imagine my agony when I realized I had really been slipping in this area and not living up to my expectations. (I have a good friend who recently retired. When I asked her what she would be doing in retirement, she gleefully exclaimed "Organizing my recipes!" I am so jealous I can hardly stand it, it's a good thing that I love her! She refers to herself as "Nothing" in her comments on my posts; however, nothing could be further from the truth. She really is something!)

The task has begun, upon completion I can once again hold my head up high and be free. (But there is that "sewing supplies" mess that eats at me every now and again and then what about all those boxes of photo's???) Honestly, it was a great "Sports Event" watching project, not as good as crocheting but satisfying nonetheless.

As you can see from the above photos the task is daunting, but I will carry on and post the results as soon as the results are in.

And in the mean time have a Happy St. Valentines' Day week!


  1. I have been ripping recipes out of my mags for the past 2 weeks and am about to embark on the same process of binding them up. Great job. I am not really looking forward to the project.

  2. I dream of having the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm of Astri. Oh yes, and how about the dream of heart shaped bowls and a heart tablecloth? Thanks for the nice comments.