Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heart Angel

Petit Jolie Blon
A birthday gift for our granddaughter (Petit Jolie Blon) via #2 (Jolie Blon).
A lovely young lady that will be turning 12!

Heart Pattern can be found at The Easy Makes Me Happy Blog .
The heart ornament was crocheted to match the ornament that this angel is holding.
If our "Petit Jolie Blon" angel holds the ornament...just so...she will look just like this angel,
hmmmmm....except that "Petit Jolie Blon" is blonde.

Joyeux anniversaire!!!


  1. Très joli ! Bonne idée, allez, hop, 1 point de plus :)
    Have fun !!!

  2. Many thanks Pradeepa - I watch your blog daily and enjoy all your posts. :-)

    Domy, I think you indicated that I have received one point for using French :-) If so I think you will like a post about my husbands favorite book "The Little Prince" that is forthcoming. xoxoxoxox