Friday, July 29, 2011

SFG and Deck - 11 - Accessories: Knick Knacks

Entry 11
Knick Knacks
Knick Knacky stuff for the SFG and Deck

Bugs on 'Roids 

Ikea el frugalo watering cans...
.99 cents!!!!
Gotta' love it, baby!

This little guy has been named "Henry"
as he most definitely must be reading
Henry David Thoreau's

Another Gingham Granny Square Photo Op!
Mr. and Mrs. NVO
Isn't this weird? I do not know what button or combination of buttons I hit on my camera to get this progressive photo?
I was not even trying to do anything tricky and then all of a sudden...
 It's tricky...tricky, tricky, tricky...
Almost as tricky as rockin' a rhyme that's right on time!
(Run DMC)
Have a Simply Delightful Day!

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