Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SFG and Deck - 2 - The Heart Pad

Entry 3
The Heart Pad

July 2011

circa 2002

The NVO designed, made a form, and then poured a cement heart for our "sitting" pad.
Oh and get this...there's a time capsule buried underneath the heart. So very cool, huh?
And let it be known that no cash is in the time capsule. haha.

April 2009

July 2011

 And we both know exactly where to sit as each seat is marked with an embroidered stuffed heart name tag. Additionally, we know if it's day or night because the name tag flips over to a starry night pattern during the evening. :-)

What do we do when we sit on this heart pad, you may wonder?

The NVO and the little gnome do smart read and write things on yellow legal pads.

and I, of course, crochet with RED, RED HEART yarn. :-)

And we both nibble on heart shaped goodies and enjoy a good ol' cup o' joe...
(This was de-caf as the starry side of the name tag was displayed.)
...which we will certainly prepare in the event my blogging friend, Domy, in France comes to visit.
For her, coffee will be served with International Apple Pie, from this post, as well.

Thanks again NVO, my heart belongs to you!

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