Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SFG and Deck - 1 - An Introduction

Entry 1
An Introduction

May 2009

There is so much to cover on the subject of SFG (Square Foot Gardening) and the Garden Deck that I could not possibly cover it all in one post.
The intent is to post a series of snippets of each area and the meaning and sentiment behind each one.

Several years ago before I met the NVO this is how the humble side yard looked.
(It became much, much, worse, but I do not have any photos of "worse". :-)
Circa 2002

along came:
the NVO...
(Sent by angels, I might add...yes, really, truly, yes!)

and the transformation began...
and here is where it ended in 2009...

May 2009

So much more has been done in the last two years and these updates will be revealed in forthcoming posts.
Also see the NVO's blog here and here in regards to his perspective...

For more about SFG (Square Foot Gardening) click here.

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  1. Oh,oh, il n'y a pas de comparaison possible, c'est devenu le paradis sur terre !!! Bien sympathique, je m'invite pour y prendre un café assise dans ces jolies chaises décorées de cœurs ;)
    Have a lovely day here !!!!!!!