Friday, July 1, 2011

Vær så god

Three things take me instantly back to Norway:

The smell of coffee, the sight of a window adorned with red geraniums and lace curtains,
and especially hearing the phrase:
"Vær så god"

Painted above our kitchen sink, a wonderful Norwegian phrase that is difficult to translate;
however, I will make an effort:

The direct translation would be "Be so good", but it's meaning is really just a polite way of saying "Here you go." It's used when giving someone something, like a gift or a meal.
Hearing it gives me the warm Norsk fuzzies!

Seeing it in our kitchen everyday generates a similar response. :-)

Be so good and have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Une expression souvent employée par ma fille en souvenir de son fantastique séjour à Trondheim :)
    Bisous et bon week-end à toi également

  2. I am so glad you know the phrase, Domy. A wonderful expression, yes? It's so polite and kind. Tusen takk for the comment.