Saturday, July 30, 2011

SFG and Deck - 12 - Accessories: Crochet!!!

Entry 12
Since the garden is the relaxing and crocheting area...
isn't it befitting for it to be decorated with crocheted "this and thats"?

The living room blanket and pillows are brought out on cooler Summer evenings. I've never posted about this project as it was completed long before I began a blog...but it has an interesting story behind it, so it may be post worthy one of these days...

(How about that shadow of the picture taking person and the toe in the corner? What a rookie!)
If the NVO is in need of warmth, as well, we'll bring this one out from the master bedroom - it's so soft and cuddly as it was made from a wool blend - the others are acrylic and although they are warm and strong they aren't quite as soft and cuddly. :-) This one has been posted about A LOT but the last post was here.

Some of these "this and thats" that I refer to are WIP's but not for long....

Flowers in the corners of the red and white side and two more cushions to finish. These granny squares cover very inexpensive red Ikea cushions. I left these out in the rain one day and the red from the cushion ran into the white yarn. I threw them in the washer - cushion, cover and all. (I had sewn the cover on so I did not want to unpick [lazy], buttons could have been put in for easy removal.) If you can believe it...they came out sparkly new...even dried them in the dryer. Wahoo!
Oh, Oh, Oh and check out this WIP in it's very beginning stage....
It's patio umbrella bunting!
Can you stand it?!?!

Top edge needs a little something..will be working on that and posting about it and the cushion completion later. Thought I would alternate the colorful bunts with the red and white bunts to tie in with the cushions.

Pattern can be found here at Lilley's handcrafted lovelies.

Have a Colorful Day!


  1. Wundervolle Granny`s...^^

  2. Thank you Manja! More Granny's to come. :-)

  3. Wonderful beauties in your garden!

  4. Wow! Lots of lovely crochet! When I was 20, my cousin taught me to make flowers and leaves and then the square around. I can't even tell you how many afghans I made in that pattern. It's only been in the past several years that I've actually attempted reading patterns and making other projects. Have fun creating! Best wishes, Tammy