Friday, October 14, 2011

Adopting Lucille

Lucille is a Geranium
We recently adopted Lucille from some good friends,
apparently we passed the home study test. :-)

I have a great love of geraniums...ahhhhhhh geraniums in a lace trimmed window.
Gives me that cozy Norsk feeling.

Lucille will not be alone, she has been introduced to her new friends:





Glitter is the boss of all the plants. He (yes, "he" is a "he" and yes , we do watch DWTS) came to us the first Christmas after we met. That first Christmas, he was just a wee boy, from Walmart, covered in glitter for the season. The glitter has since worn off; however, he still sparkles from within. With the NVO's consistent care he has grown into a strong man with the ability to boss the other plants around, but the other plants are able to hold their own "ground".

THANK YOU "L" and "K"


  1. Lucille looks so happy with her new family and friends. Much better than life/death in the black can.

  2. Lucille is HUGE! A super-geranium. I think Glitter may have met his match.

    Vera and Kalie - those names just suit them somehow. :)

  3. Ah yes, Lucille is indeed happy and HUGE!

    Three little caterpillars have appeared on Lucille, they were carefully taken outdoors. I say they will be butterfiles; however, the NVO claims they will be moths. :-D

    BTW - Mandy is a mandevilla and Daisy....a daisy. :-)