Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rocking Chair Cushion

One "Side"
The Other "Side"
Both "Sides"
Photographs better out"side" with the Kale.
But...belongs in"side"

(Pattern is a combination of "Daisy Square" from this post at My Rose Valley and the "Summer Patio Cushions" from this post)

Oh and BTW started with a white IKEA cushion:
Check out all those tags...five of them!
Apparently I am going to be in BIG trouble for removing them.
Have a happy weekend!


  1. I LOVE how the flower blocks show from the other "side" (or is it from this "side"?) :) Very creative corner treatment.

    Your house has such a cheerful colour scheme. (And looks so clean, she says enviously.)

  2. Wonderful. Love how you did the corners. So clean and fresh. And yes, it belongs inside that's for sure. But thanks for taking it outside in the fresh clean Utah air for a photo op....he-he...

  3. Both the sides are equally pretty. I love the way you did the corners, very innovative.

  4. Thank you all! It's difficult to take "sides" on this one. ;-) The house is clean because I just barely had some helped cleaning it - another reason for the in"side" photo op. hehe. A little cleaning, soem fresh paint and some handmade tidbits, IMHO, go a long way!!!

  5. I should spell check befor I hit "send".

  6. Love, love, love!!

    You're going to allow people to sit on those? They are too pretty! :-)

  7. What a beautiful cushion, makes the chair! love the colours xx

  8. Dear Astri
    How lovely! It is really Scandinavian in the color scheme. Love the way you can alternate the back with the front. Both sides are wonderful. And I am SO envious of you having a rocking chair like that. Aaaarrrrrhhh. I want one tooo! To rock myself away with hook and yarn. Ahhhh. Have a lovely Monday. Off to work now.

    PS thanks for link love, again! :D

  9. It's adoreeeeble. I love love love the corners.

  10. Wow, so pretty, very nice colours
    regards Crissi

  11. Really lovely cushion, the corners are so nicely done & that rocker is a dream :D
    Karen x

  12. I read every single one of your comments and visit all yor blogs; they all warm my heart! Thank you all so much!