Monday, October 24, 2011

Crocheted Chocolate Holster III

Birthday Friend #2!!!
 A low-carb chocolate holster.
Black, again, so it covers the entire fashion gambit...
 all the way from an evening gown to jeans. ;-)
Happy Birthday "K"!!!


  1. Who is Lucky Luke ? Because it is for the man who draws faster than his shadow !
    (I'm not sure that it is a good translation :( )

  2. You're on a roll here Liz. I like the "low-carb" promotion. What a great excuse to crochet. "But it's low-carb, AND it burns calories!"

  3. A fine translation Domy...and that's a fast draw!

    LOL Sue, any excuse to crochet is a great excuse...I better get back to my more "normal" afghan project. This is the last holster for a while...