Thursday, October 6, 2011

White and a new WIP

Rocking Chair
The chair I rocked my babies in was in need of some repair.
It's been patiently waiting on our front porch for something.
A little cleaning and sanding, a fresh coat of paint and
 it's ready to come in the house for the winter.
Hmmmmm...all white now but it still just needs a little something.

Oh, I know, something crocheted, of course,
 and as per below and since I'm going through a white phase...
(I've been painting the town white!)

...maybe a little something white with a touch of color like this:
That's a Dahlia in the photo that "L" who is married to "K" gave me; isn't it lovely?
I think it looks like a very pretty blowfish.

WIP almost complete...stay tuned.


  1. I wait to see with the cushion !!! But it's very nice in white already :)

  2. Beautiful dahlia - the blowfish simile is perfect. White makes such a nice background for bright pops of colour. Looking forward to the dénouement.