Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brød Oppvarming Klut

The Bread Warming Cloth
is now a pillow.

I love blue, but I have a compulsion to add red to everything...
(Every single room in our home has red in it. An odd color for an accountant, eh?)
note the tiny little red stitches and...
the floral fabric on the back with tiny little red and blue flowers.
Yup, looks Scandinavian to me.

Thank you Liv for passing along this lovely bread warming cloth,
it has warmed my heart:
 Also, thank you "You Go Girl" blog for the instructions on how to crochet a pillow edge. :-)
I have been wanting to learn this for months and months.
This may be my first, but it won't be my last.
See button on the bottom righthand side of my blog for the link to the four posts
 "On the Edge...Pillowcase Crochet Along"
and here too:

So I cuddled with the "Brød" pillow while eating "Brød", this morning.
Ahhhhhhhh....a day off work after a 21 day straight stint to meet tax deadlines by 1/31/12.
Nothing like toast with apricot preserves, some creamy coffee and 
a pillow to rest my head upon.

Toast is low-carb bread. 
(that is for all of you who follow our "PHAT" blog.)

And sugar-free high-fiber apricot preserves...

I feel so English and Norwegian today. :-)
Hope you are making "Brød" or eating 
"Brød" or earning "Brød" or spending "Brød" today.
(I think I got it all covered.)


  1. It's gorgeous! Reminds me I need to make some bread tomorrow. I love the blue and red combination and your little dainty red edge is perfect.

  2. I love how you put that pretty bread cloth to use rather than having it tucked away in a drawer. Your pillow turned out so beautiful. And I love that pop of red to everything. I want to do edgings on pillowcases and baby washcloths and all sorts of things, but haven't tried it either. Will have to check out the link. Hope you are having a fabulous day! Tammy

  3. You do beautiful work! What does the pillow say in English if I may ask?

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  5. Hello Astri, j'ai mal tapé mon commentaire tu n'aurais rien compris ;( Je disais que ce magnifique coussin donne envie de déjeuner bien confortablement installé, ce que je vais faire dans quelques minutes !!
    Ici, l'hiver s'est enfin présenté, il était temps nous sommes en février.
    Excellente journée Astri :)

  6. Lovely, lovely, the pillow is sooo lovely.

  7. Nice pillow, and the crocheted border was especially beautiful! I remeber those bread cloths from my grandmothers. :-)