Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Countdown

A 14 day countdown to the most romantic day of the year:

Made with 9"x 5" white cake boxes.
A "subway tile" heart shaped design. :-)

Filled with a "gift a day" for 14 days:

The Cricket and the scrap-booking supplies were dusted off
 from months...maybe years of neglect:
The heart design stays intact as each "door" opens to retrieve the gift.
The weight of each gift was strategically placed
 so that the heart would not topple with each days retrieval.
(I will not subject you to the day to day gifts, like I did for the Christmas countdown. :-) )

For my sweetheart:
Hoping he knows how much joy he has brought to my life.
Wishing You a Happy Month of Romance! 


  1. I can see what is in three of the boxes...hehe.

  2. like advent calendar, marvelous, very good idea :)

  3. Wait! I WANT to be subjected to the day to day excitement. You're going to leave us hanging?!?!?

    Of course, if the gifts are not suitable for public viewing, then I completely understand....

    You two have so much creative fun together.

  4. Haha - but you do not know what day they are in! You stinker!

    The gifts are probably not post worthy, but perhaps will re-cap on the 14th. :-)