Saturday, February 4, 2012

Organizing Cabinet #2

Cabinet # 2
Travel, Toiletries and Hair Cabinet


The "Travel" section was the biggest challenge.
In the last few months we have been using up as many of the travel size items as possible in an effort to dejunk and not purchase full size toiletries until these were used up. There was a time when the NVO and I both traveled for work, but now we are both fortunate enough that our jobs no longer require travel. We still do travel for fun, but that has been cut way back in the last few years in an effort to pay our mortgage off early.
(This clean-up project allowed for enough room to bring in several rolls of TP from the garage - closer to where it is needed.)


I apologize for subjecting you to these clean-up projects. I'll be back onto the good stuff in a few days, and I have got some real fun in store, that's for sure! Trust me, I'd much rather be crocheting, spending time with my sweetie or exercising; however, if I tell myself I am accountable to the blog and must post about these before I get to work on and post about the fun stuff then I do it. It's a strange game I play with myself and it works.

I also am inspired by anyone who mentions that they have cleaned out a cabinet, drawer, closet or underneath a bed, as I can always hear a little lift in their voice. This is what happened with my friend "K", who inspired this latest craze; she is an excellent housekeeper. Although the inspiration came in a text message I thought I could read the lift it in her tone. :-) It brings back a distant memory of how I felt the last item I dejunked and organized and I wanted that feeling again. 

Thanks "K", your words are powerful!


  1. Wow...Impressive. I better be careful what I say in the future. But you have the mentor/mentee confused. I draw my inspiration from Astri and wish I could also draw on some of her energy and enthusiasm. Meanwhile I am content to be OVO (Organized by Osmosis). Does that make me related to the NVO?

  2. Oh Domy it would be fun to come to France even if I have to do some work!

    Thanks K...your comment made me laugh...related to the NVO hehe.