Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Countdown Recap

If I was the President, Valentine's Day would be a national holiday!

 Remember this?
Here's a recap of what was in each day:
(For the most part, I tried to go with a healthy theme.)

1) Soft sided speaker case for Nano so we can dance to it.
(Music induced dancing fun! That's healthy.)

2) Underneath clothing wear :-)
(It's always healthy to have clean underthings...)

3)The NVO's favorite protein bars
(Protein for muscles...healthy)

4) One of our favorite movies: "It's Complicated"
(Relaxing and laughing....very healthy)

5) The NVO's favorite candies...Valentine's Day style....
(Not healthy, but yummy. It's healthy to splurge on favorites once in a while, eh?)

6) Slo-Niacin
(Something to do with cholesterol lowering....healthy, yes?)

7) Work-out socks
(Promoting healthy exercise)

8) More Protein Bars
(More healthy protein)

9) Work-out shirt
(Promoting healthy exercise again.)

10) Gripping Ball and Malted Milk Balls.
(Healthy, strong hands and ya' gotta' have a treat once in a while...)

11) "Unibroue Fin Du Monde" beer with heart beer cup :-)
(VERY healthy, as per Ben Franklin!)

12) Three Chocolate Caramel Hearts.
(A twice in a while treat is healthy too?)

13) Work-out pants
(Strong, healthy legs)

14) Plastic heart champagne glasses and the NVO's favorite champagne: "Veuve Clicquot"
(Giggly bubbles has to be healthy and I threw in "Core Strengthening" book for good measure!)

And this evening the NVO is preparing lobster, chocolate dipped strawberries 
and bacon wrapped asparagus.
The table is set and ready to go, we'll enjoy once we get home from work this evening.
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Enjoy a celebration of love!

I am so happy that you are my Valentine!


  1. I am so lucky to have found you! Xoxo

  2. The meal sounds delicious. Chocolate is VERY healthy! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.