Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lacy Plates and Table Runner Embelishments

Last night I ran across something that distracted me from cleaning out cabinets:

Plates of Lace!
Holy cow, when I discovered these I had a crazed happy fit!
It was love at first sight. <3 <3 <3
Our local mall just added our first Crate and Barrel store
and this is where I purchased these plates.
They are called "Emma", which happens to be my grandmothers name (it was meant to be ;- ) ) and the best part...they were only $3.95 each.

I was so excited that I was prompted to add some extra embellishments to the table runner from this post:
Place settings ready for a dinner with my Valentine in two days!

And the second best part, they won't junk up a newly cleaned out cabinet because there are only four new plates, they're real thin and our dishes are not in a cabinet:
Do you have something that is irresistible to you, such as lacy dishes or a Valentine?


  1. Excellent, j'aime énormément !
    Tu me donnes envie de faire un réel effort pour mardi soir, je vais y penser.
    Bisous, have a very good week !

  2. Those are very pretty plates! Wish I could have open shelves but there's so much dust in this country. It even gets in closed cabinets. :/ Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  3. WOW.....what absolutely beautiful plates and pretty and gorgeous colours! Your shelves look amazing!
    Carole :-)

  4. OO I would love those too, and my name is Emma! Just my style ;) and look lovely with a solid colour plate beneath. Very stylish.