Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Tree Re-mix

There have been several attempts at painting a family tree on the wall of our kosestua.
 But, when you can't get it "just right"
a professional must be called in.
So I called in the expert, Stephanie.
This new and improved family tree was designed and painted by
 Stephanie, who also designed my blog banner. 
You can read all about Stephanie and the banner in this post.

The NVO and I have two moms, one bonus dad, six children and six grandchildren 
(seven soon...grandchildren that is...) that are included in the tree.
Each family has it's own frame color; however, they are scattered around the tree.
It's all part of the re-mix.
The children and grandchildren live all over the USA.
My mom and bonus dad live in Norway.
I won't bore you with the family close-up or details,
but in the event that you are interested,
more details about the family are on this post.

Here are the previous efforts:
This was the first effort.
 It was somewhat acceptable but had to go bye-bye with
the room redo from this post.
(Two new little peeps have arrived since this one.)
This was the second futile attempt.
I never finished it (apple blossoms, that were intended for the branches, never made it),
but it ended up looking like a creepy Halloween branch, IMHO. haha.

So here's the final attempt once the professional was called in:
Stephanie, my artistic friend. :-)
Gotta' love that woodgrain!

Check out how the breeze from the window blows the silver leaves towards the front of the room.
Hopefully there won't be a huge gust
that blows the family away!

Have a breezy day!

(Stephanie's contact information is at the bottom of the blog.)


  1. Beautiful - I think my tree would end up being something quite spooky too! What a talented friend you have x Jane

  2. Such a beautiful idea! Yours were not bad at all, but we cannot deny that Stephanie is an artist. Beautiful work!

  3. Astri,
    This is an amazing idea!

  4. That is one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Jo xx

  5. For et fantastisk slektstre. Må Være morsomt med så stor familie. D

  6. Kjempeflott slektstre!!! Super idé! :-)

  7. LOVE IT! Super idé og supert resultat! =)

  8. Fabulous idea- what amazing designs Astri along the years and Stephanie really has created a wonderful family tree this time too.
    Ali x

  9. What a wonderful way to display your family photos and express your love of each arrival. Very creative idea! I really like the professional product with the ribbons, but you did an awesome job on your 2nd attempt as well.

  10. Wow, wow, wow, It's fantastic, I love it.

    Groetjes, Monique

  11. Wow thatvis absolutely gorgeous! A wonderful way of displaying your pictures and your family tree. Love it :)

  12. I love it! I think I'm going to need Stephanie at my house soon too.

  13. What a lovely idea Astri it's beautiful! xx

  14. Må ærleg innrømme at eg likte det siste familietreet aller best;)

  15. What a beautiful wall Astri.


  16. WOW...just beautiful and so real looking and I love the idea of hanging the ribbons...

  17. I love this...what a great idea! You're so lucky to have such creative friend... beautiful work:)

  18. That is a very beautiful and stylish family tree! Well done!

    Can I say I absolutely love the cushions and afghan lying on the couch! :-)

  19. Beautiful!!!!! Brilliant idea.
    And I like all the photos, your cushions....

    Havw a great day!!

    Lluisa x

  20. Oh, how I love your family trees. Truly very creative and and painted perfectly. I love how the leaves blow in the gently winds. Hugs Judy

  21. She's so talented. Love the blowing leaves effect. :)

  22. Wow Astri...she did a great job! I thought it looked good before, but this is amazing!!
    Hugs, Shari

  23. C'est magnifique j'adore ! L'idée est très bonne et cela fait un très bel effet dans cette pièce. Il est vrai que réunir plusieurs familles ce n'est jamais très simple. J'aime vraiment l'effet que donne cet arbre.
    Bonne soirée :)

  24. Wow....what a great job...everything is so beautiful.Very creative....love the picture hanging in the branches....lovely idea.She did well.Have a nice weekend!

  25. Mucho gratitudo to all of you for the comments! Thanks for the interest and the support. :-)

  26. What a fantastic idea! I love the original design and the way you've built your family tree as an essential part of the home. Beautiful :-)

  27. This family tree is just awesome:) you are lucky to have a big family to fill it:)

  28. Wow, love it! Kjempefint :) Og så artig å se at du henviser til bloggen min! :D (http://heklehuldra.blogspot.no/) I'll join this blog, no doubt :)