Sunday, March 17, 2013

Following my own CAL Week #4 - Granny Row

The CAL from this post continues...
The granny row of the "Granny Rose CAL"
 from this step of the CAL has been added.
The join and trim will be on the next step since 
this will be a blanket and the original CAL was designed for a pillow.

In the midst of the project I ran across this post at Sewing Daisies, which led me in a different direction. Originally all the granny rows were to be white, but with the inspiration from Sewing Daisies the granny row colors received three different background colors including the aqua.
Then came the red inspiration from Sewing Daisies as well:
So I added an extra single crochet of red for a little zing.
This row was not part of the original CAL and pattern;
however, I must bring as much red in as I possibly can!
Red makes me happy!
 Note the three different background colors:
Aqua, pastel violet and white.
What do you think of the subtle differences?
It's an effort to coordinate with the guest room where this blanket will reside:
The baseboards and closet doors are aqua, the inside of the bedspread is pastel violet
 and there's a lot of white in the room.
This is a "Before" photo.
"After" will be posted upon afghan finish.
Additionally, orange and yellow bins are in transit and I am on the search for something 
to put on top of the IKEA shelving unit "Expedit."

This is so fun!
I hope you are having fun too!


  1. It is beautiful and any guest visiting will feel very special with that on the bed!

  2. These colors are absolutely gorgeous and the roses beautiful. This is going to be one gorgeous Afghan and cheer anybody up that gets to use it. Wonderful work!

  3. This is stunnning! I am trying to spruce up my guest bedroom also!

  4. Love everything,the combination in the room and the afghan.Tha grannys are lovely everything.Great job !

  5. Soo pretty. The colors are so vibrant and alive. It will be a gorgeous blanket.

  6. I love the colors that you choose...It will be beautiful afghan!

  7. Beautiful crochet, beautiful blog.

  8. Your granny rose pattern is divine. I haven't tried the pattern yet but I know it will be a gorgeous blanket...Gaia.

  9. I really like it, the way the backgrounds are just subtly different. :-)

  10. it's looking fantastic, i love the different background colours

  11. I love your granny Rose Pattern and all your glorious colors too. Lovely creation. Hugs Judy

  12. Yes I do like the pastel backgrounds Astri and the red edging is lovely, I love red it makes me happy too :)

  13. Thank you all! This project is nearly complete and I am excited to post about it. Your interest in it has spurned me on. Your comments keep me going.:-)

  14. j'aime beaucoup, beaucoup le gamme de couleurs de cette chambre. Comme le reste de la maison d'ailleurs :)

  15. The colours are beautiful. I hate to admit it but my granny rose cushion is still in my basket as a WIP :( Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my wedding post and sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. We've just been so busy since we've got home but I'm finally getting around to visiting my favourite blogs! xx

  16. Wow, what a pretty guest room. It's hard to believe this photo is "before" - how could you possibly improve it?

    I like that red border on your blocks - it's interesting how red can act like a neutral and pull so many things together. :)