Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Anyone's Guess - Day 4 of 6 (ROLL-OVER)

Summer's a Coming Guessing Game

Six posts, six days in a row to guess what I am making.

Each day there will be three clues:
 1) a crochet progress photo
2) a photo clue
3) a word clue 

Today's clues:

Crochet Progress Clue:

Word Clue:

Photo Clue:

The first person to guess the correct answer via a comment will receive the following prize:
Three skeins of this luscious Cascade "Cloud 9" yarn and a bag of white chocolate Lindt Truffles.

The correct guess will be announced on the seventh day, even if it was guessed correctly the first day...
gotta' keep ya' guessing. :-)

Join in on the fun and take a random guess.


  1. Waah, what on earth is that futuristic looking thing in the photo?! It looks like a scooter of some sort. Hmm. A cover for a scooter or bike?

  2. That looks like a vaccum cleaner (mine looks like that) or may be some kind of lawn mower. Your granny square look very pretty and colourful!:)
    It could be a basket or a sitting stool or small serving table/trolley. Is there any limit for guesses ?;)

  3. Could it be a seat cover?...You are really good at
    But I love the colors...they are a beautiful combination.

  4. I think it is a flat iron, We call it a strijkbout.

    Greetings from Holland

  5. Ok!!! Astri I have it!!!! LOL An ironing Board Cover!! VBG Hugs Judy

  6. This is fun Astri. I think I'm going to stick with my 1st 2 guesses because I can't think of anything else. :)

  7. I think it is a shopping basket for the scooter!!

  8. Is that a jet ski or some kind of watercraft? Are you sprucing up a jet ski with granny squares and roses? Seat cover and crate cover?

  9. Okay, now I am completely perplexed. But could it be, mop covers, or steam mop covers? I don't know now? Vacuum cover????

  10. Right I still think you are lining your basket which you have to roll over to line the bottom, and of course the bottom can't be lined with roses it would be too bumpy, so your pretty granny square is for the base, as for the photo, it could be iron which you have used to lightly steam your work, it could also be a hoover which you have just used to hoover up the scraps but if you are like me that's too much like housework so I'm sticking to the iron idea. I still say a basket lining to make a multi purpose box. I loved your guess on my blog yesterday! it really made me smile.:)

  11. Okay lets try this again. A basket your covering with crochet to bring home groceries in your car or on your bike. When not using it for that, you will put the dog's toys in it.


  12. Right - the basket sits on the front of your scooter. It stays in place with the hooky things. You can fetch your groceries home in the basket and a part of the crocheted cover will roll over to protect your things. It will look very pretty as well and the colours will go with your yellow paintwork. How's that?
    Love from Mum

  13. Я думаю, что это будет либо крышка для корзинки, либо дно, Корзинка для продуктов будет закреплена на скутере.

  14. A blanket for your scooter that you can roll up and keep on it so it's handy for a spur of the moment park visit!

  15. Oh well... I didn't realize there were more clues lol. First day here. I'd have to now guess that it's for the 'grocery shopping' basket to be strapped to the back of your scooter and will be lined with the granny but decorated with the flowers which will attach somehow to the square to hold it in place ;0). it's going to look fabulous! can't wait to see the final product.

    1. another idea... the square is going to be over sized enough to roll over the top and THAT'S where the flowers will line up. ok done guessing. still think it's going to be amazing. :)

  16. Excellent, smart and funny guesses. Keep 'em comin'! :-)

  17. Maybe it's a dog basket to put in your scooter? Or a grocery basket? The scooter had me baffled, I thought it looked like a UFO. ;)

  18. Perhaps you're going to yarn-bomb a jet airplane. That is a fuselage, right?