Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Anyone's Guess - Day 6 of 6 (OBEY)

Summer's a Coming Guessing Game

Six posts, six days in a row to guess what I am making.

Each day there will be three clues:
 1) a crochet progress photo
2) a photo clue
3) a word clue 

This is the last clue; hence, you will have until midnight (MST) tonight to submit your guess and the reveal and the winner will be posted early tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

You have all warmed my heart with your clever and humor filled comments.
Thank you so much for making my week!

Today's clues:

Crochet Progress Clue:

(Rose pattern can be found here, and the leaves here, and the granny row and joining here...complete with youtube videos.)

Word Clue:

Photo Clue:

The first person to guess the correct answer via a comment will receive the following prize:
Three skeins of this luscious Cascade "Cloud 9" yarn and a bag of white chocolate Lindt Truffles.

The correct guess will be announced on the seventh day, even if it was guessed correctly the first day...
gotta' keep ya' guessing. :-)

Join in on the fun and take a random guess.


  1. Ooooh, it must be a "shoppingbasket" for Your scooter! It looks lovely! (I guess sombody else guest the possible right answer before me...) :-)

    Thank you for Your comment on my blog. The painting was bougt in Portugal. I love it! :-)

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Wow its beautiful Astri You have made a beautiful cover for that red basket, which You are going to attach to the back of your brand new scooter or moped, to keep your supplies in. That is your provisional driving livence cos you are going to have lessons, So Good luck with those and thank You for entertaining us this last week xx

  3. Yes, cover for your basket on the scooter. :) It looks great!

  4. Is it a basket for your dog to ride in?

  5. Oh that is so cute! Is it a basket for your scooter so you can ride to the store and carry yarn home?

  6. Hello Astri, Your new Crochet Rose cover for your basket is very creative, colorful and lovely... I am sure it will come in very handy for transporting all your goodies in.. Hugs Judy

  7. Wow it is so lovely!! I say again: it is a shopping basket to attach to the scooter!!!

  8. I too go with basket for the new bike/ scooter

  9. I know this time. Its a basket with a crochet cover to strap to your scooter for the dog to ride in or for when you go shopping.


  10. It's a Very Large Container for your driver's license....


  11. I will stick with my guess from yesterday - it's a crocheted cover for a bike basket that the dog can ride in! :)

  12. Ok, a crochet cover for the crate that you will bungee to the back of your yellow three wheeled motorcycle.
    Or maybe just a two wheeled motorcycle?

  13. Ok I will feel an absolute fool here but......... blood donor.. or maybe a basket for carring blood donations??? Oh No fool like an old fool lol.....still all good fun :))
    hugs pat :))

  14. Whoops managed to post on yesterdays comments instead of today! Still finding my way around.
    I was thinking passport but if its a drivers licence then I think the motor scooter basket guesses are the most likely.