Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Name that Scooter Winner and DIY

There were so many creative and wonderful entries
to the "Name the Scooter" contest.
A BIG thank to all of you who commented and all of you that submitted a name.
I loved all the names and I wish you could all win!
However, the winner, as chosen by the NVO is...
by Kim at Snug Harbor Bay!
Here's her comment:
Love the basket - it turned out great and congrats to the winners. I'd love to have a scooter like that. 
The name I'm submitting for your scooter is "Blossom." I'm sure you can guess why. :-) Have a nice day.

Thank you Kim, we love it!
Email your address to digger.lizzie@gmail.com and this:
will be on its way. :-)

And for those of you who thought "Red Rocket" and "Blossom"  were new scooters,
I thank you so very much for the compliment, however;
 these scooters are several years old, purchased used and well loved, 
(albeit in good shape), from my boss last summer:
So we gussied them up like this: 
The seats were repainted with Rustoleum Spray Paint for vinyl
 in red and silver (the yellow seat was in good shape, so need for yellow paint
 but both silver sections had been loved by the sun, so they were painted.)
What a difference!
Then we "detailed" them.
A little spit and polish does wonders!
Get this, the NVO even had some kind of  a "shiny tire maker" foam spray.
Hmmmm...that was an unfamiliar product to me - hey, that could be a good Father's Day gift idea...
next year, next year. :-)

Just like new!
Purdy, huh?


  1. Lovely name !! Nice picture of both of you!! :) I had a pretty scooter in my college days and I used to drive long distances but now I just don't feel like driving ...there is lot of traffic everywhere here in metro cities in India. I am not good at driving car in a heavy traffic too...so I have a full time chauffeur. My husband considers it another way of employment generation for poor people in India.

  2. I thought it was brand new Astri!, you have done a great job of doing them up, they look fabulous. As for the name I saw Kim's entry and loved it and thought I couldn't better it so didn't try, it's perfect so well done to Kim. Enjoy your scooter, I wouldn't dare ride one in my area. :)

  3. I love that name for your scooter! Good choice!

  4. Hello Astri, Blossom is the perfect name..for your scooter.. They do look brand new..I am sure you both will enjoy scooting around in them.. Have a lovely Summer. Hugs Judy

  5. Thank you so much everyone - I'd love to have a scooter and its on my wish list! Thanks Astri - I'm emailing my info to you!

  6. Congrats to Kim. I like the name 'Blossom' that she thought of. Ya'll did a great job with the scooters - they look brand new. :)

  7. Excellent name choice Kim. Love your scooters. They are definitely your colors. Have fun riding.

  8. Love the name Astri. You both did a great job on making the scooters look brand new. Congrats to Kim.


  9. Astri- you are going to have some serious fun this summer on these gussied up scooters-- love the colors-- crazy love the basket----
    You go girl! Have fun-- be safe:)