Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Anyone's Guess - Day 3 of 5 (FETCH)

Summer's a Coming Guessing Game

Six posts, six days in a row to guess what I am making.

Each day there will be three clues:
 1) a crochet progress photo
2) a photo clue
3) a word clue 

Today's clues:

Crochet Progress Clue:
(Rose pattern can be found here, and the leaves here, and the granny row here...complete with youtube video.)

Word Clue:

Photo Clue:

The first person to guess the correct answer via a comment will receive the following prize:
Three skeins of this luscious Cascade "Cloud 9" yarn and a bag of white chocolate Lindt Truffles.

The correct guess will be announced on the seventh day, even if it was guessed correctly the first day...
gotta' keep ya' guessing. :-)

Join in on the fun and take a random guess.


  1. Oh no! I am really confused now. Is it a shopping basket cover to bring your items home is, stylishly. Jo x


  2. Yeah, my guess would be a grocery bag.

  3. Hmmm...ja, det kan jo være en handleveske, men jeg holder likevel fremdeles "en knapp" på sykkelbag...Man kan jo også legge varer i en sykkelbag! :-)

  4. OK, Today My Guess is a Crocheted Very Pretty Rose Grocery Shopping Basket to put your groceries in while in your car. Very Big Grin..... Hugs Judy

  5. Beautiful rose squares ! Love the colors , but I have no idea what they will be !

  6. A box to keep all your crochet or craft supplies in?

  7. I think it's a Shopping basket that will be attached to a bike...or it could be a shopping basket for the car trunk...but definitely it's a shopping basket.

  8. I too will go with grocery basket as of now..waiting for next clue. Lovely colourful squares :)

  9. I think it is a shopping basket for attach to the bycicle. Lucky!!

  10. Todays clues have thrown me, but I am still going to say basket for bike, only now, picnic basket for bike perhaps?
    xo Kris

  11. You are making a beautiful cover for that basket, and the lovely thing about it is it can be used for anything, you can attach it to your bike or put in the trunk of your car, or display it at home filled with all your favourite things. I bet you are having a good laugh at our random guesses Astri. The squares are beautiful, so pretty :)

  12. Euh........ j'ai eu du mal à comprendre, mais Google m'a aidé.
    Alors, for me that could be a poncho, olé !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a good evening ;-)

    PS : en tout cas c'est très bien crocheté comme toujours ;-)

  13. covered shopping basket attached to wheeled vehicle?

  14. The squares are looking lovely, and I seriously want some of that bread.

    If it weren't for the bread I might suggest a Paleo Afghan. :)

    How about a bread box cover designed to make it harder to get at those luscious carbs?

  15. Thanks for all the smiles. Keep the guesses coming because this is more fun than a barrel of monkeys...or...can of worms. ;-)

  16. First off I love the granny squares. They are gorgeous. The basket is going to sit and stay in one place covered around the outside with the squares. All of the photo item clues will be put in the basket and the dog will fetch them as needed.


  17. merhaba Astri motifler çok şık ama pek bir tahminim yok:) ama eminim harika bir şey olucak,sevgilerimle

  18. My guess is a farmers market cart liner (the kind that you wheel around). Whatever it is, it will be beautiful!

  19. Ohhh my Gosh Mrs Astri...this is so adorable.. colors and squares.Love your granny rose square pattern...I haven't done it...but in a future I will.

    My Guess for the game is a small bench for you to sit when gardening,you will cover the red plastic container you have on you first or 2nd post.Either a basket to pick up all your vegies in your garden.... :)

    Xo,Xo,Xo.......... Luna :)

  20. I'm getting a slightly bizarre image of a wheeled cart covered with granny square roses, albeit very pretty roses. Oh, just had a thought ... Do you have a tree house by any chance? A granny rose covered basket to pulley up supplies to tree house level.

  21. Very pretty yarn :)) Love all the answers... I would have to say an shopping bag...
    Hope your week is a crafty one .. hugs pat..

  22. Я думаю, что из роз будут боковинки корзины для продуктов.