Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's Anyone's Guess - Day 7 - REVEAL!

Summer's a Coming Guessing Game

drum roll please...

 The Scooter Container Cozy!

The basket and I "SIT' on the scooter.
The basket will "STAY" because it is attached with bungee cords.
I will "FETCH" groceries in the basket.
The wheels "ROLL-OVER" the road.
The scooter will "SPEAK" the word "vroom".
And I will "OBEY" the law by complying with the DMV requirements for a motorcycle license.

And no, we unfortunately do not have a dog, although we want one and are planning for it. 
At that time an Australian Shepherd will be our dog of choice. :-)

Many of you eventually guessed the correct answer
Good Girl Job!
but the first one to guess and therefore the winner is:
with this comment:

SCOOTER BASKET! (Covered with granny roses of course.) 


The following prize will soon be on it's way to Mrs. M:

Additionally, many of you guessed "bike basket" which was not exactly it but pretty close;
 however, Debi Y. was the first one to guess with this comment:

Gorgeous colors.
My guess is that it will be a basket for your bike. Roses all on the sides tied together with ribbon at the corners. :)

What type of bike was not indicated, perhaps a scooter could be considered a bike?,
so I feel it is fitting that she receive a prize, as well.
I will be sending this prize Debi's way, if she would be so inclined to accept:
A couple of skeins of baby yarn as she makes a lot of darling baby things,
and truffles too!

There were so many guesses that also made me laugh-out-loud.
What do you think about a prize for the person with the funniest guess?
Yup, I agree.
It was hard to decide which one, but this one took the cake for me:
Linda , of "Stitchin' with my Furbabies" guessed this:

 Or, a basket to put by your chair that you can strap to the chair so no one takes it to hold your crochet projects.

Imagine what that would be like, if you will:
Not only is it strapped to the chair but my leg, as well. - I could not resist embellishing her idea.
Hey, check out the snazzy red shoes...just for you, I have never crocheted in fancy shoes before, 
but for you I will do it or at least give the appearance of doing it. ;-)
No one would dare take my crochet away, and if they try, 
they will have to take me and my chair with it!!!

I'm still laughing, so I would like to send her this prize:
A cross-stitch kit purchased in Norway,
with none other than the chocolates!
I know how she loves cross-stitch and I know how she needs another project. ;-)

So here are some more shots of the mystery item:

Rose pattern can be found here, and the leaves here, and the granny row and joining here...
complete with youtube videos.
(had to add that in for anyone that ran into this for the first time. :-) )

She's been running errands.
She even has a friend:
the NVO's Red Rocket
(the NVO is a geophysicist; he works with rocket fuel so it is only fitting 
that his scooter is named the "Red Rocket".)
 The "Red Rocket" has a "manly" container on the back,
the NVO did not want a crocheted container cover...imagine that???
(I just had a thought - I have never looked in his container...what if it houses solid rocket fuel?
That would make the "Red Rocket" much faster than mine!)

My poor yellow scooter does not have a name yet, any suggestions?

How about a prize for the one who comes up with the best name for my yellow scooter?

and how about this prize?:
The "Skittles Hat" with Skittles!

 Submit a name for the scooter in the comment section and I will have the NVO choose since he is so unselfishly willing to give up the hat that was originally for him from this post. :-)
Please submit your suggestion by tomorrow night (Sunday) June 16th at midnight (MST).
The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 18th.

A day full of prizes and surprises!

Thank you so much for playing.
Thank you so much for following.
You've made it so fun!


  1. Your basket looks lovely!!:) congrats to the winners !! It was fun being a part of this game :)

  2. You will be the envy of the neighbourhood with your lovely basket! That's one smart scooter! Congratulations to the winner's! and thanks for the fun Astri :)

  3. That was so much fun!! Thanks for giving us this guessing game!

  4. So cute ! Have fun on your scooter !

  5. Oh my goodness - thank you so much for awarding me a prize too. I loved this game - it was a lot of fun. :)

    Unless you're planning on zipping along really fast - how about 'Mello Yellow' for your bike's name?

  6. Love the basket - it turned out great and congrats to the winners. I'd love to have a scooter like that.

    The name I'm submitting for your scooter is "Blossom." I'm sure you can guess why. :-) Have a nice day.

  7. Your new scooter and container looks so great. I am sure you and your DH will have much fun scooting around in them..Congratulation to Sue for being the Winner.. I did have fun with your Mystery postings.

    How about " The Yellow Rose"...

    My Dear Friend. DO you know we are in the Month of " June" I would like to go back a month to so I could enjoy all my May Blooms again. Hugs Judy

  8. I want one of each lol the scooter and basket If it were my scooter I loveeeeeee the color yellow it would be sizzlin sunshine

  9. Such a fun game. I think your scooter looks like a tiger (yellow/black stripes) so a good name is Tiger Lilly!

  10. Hmmm, yellow and black with flowers, how about "Bee Balmer" or "Bee Bomber".

  11. It looks smashing on your scooter! I think you will turn many heads while on the road :)

  12. I think Chiquita would be an appropriate name for a yellow scooter.

  13. What a beautiful pair of scooters! What fun would that be to zip up to the market and fill that gorgeous basket with goodies, then zip back home!!!! Enjoy, and congrats to the winners! Be careful on that thing too!!
    xo Kris

  14. Oh my Astri. Thank you so much. What a surprise and I love the kit from Norway. What an awesome gift.
    I think you should name the scooter - Yellow Banana, you peel it and away you go. Or I like the name Sunshine.


  15. Also wanted to say thanks for the great picture of the basket strapped to you and the chair. I love it. You gave me my giggles for the day.


  16. Hehe, der fekk eg meg ein god latter:) Dette var verkeleg ein artig idé! Håpar berre den er trafikksikker...
    Mitt forslag til namn på scooteren din er Lynet (the lightning) - på grunn av fargen og farten;)

  17. I had fun all the while reading all the comments from Day 1, Astri! Congrats to all the winners.

  18. The colors remind me of the bride from Kill Bill, so I would name it Beatrix Kiddo after her.

  19. I really enjoyed reading all the comments this past week. Your scooter and basket look fabulous!

  20. Congrats to the winner! Aand I love this it was so much fun...just the excitement of waiting what the big reveal was gonna be. It's awesome and I hope it gets many mileage...Love it!

  21. I did leave a comment here yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared. I'll try again....

    Thanks so much for the great prize, and for all the fun posts this week. I'm glad you decided to do the extra prizes - I would never have guessed scooter basket so early, had it not been for the bicycle basket guesses. :)

    The "tethered to the chair" photo is hilarious!

    How about "Buttercup" for your little yellow darling? (But for goodness' sake don't let me win again - have a drawing or something if you happen to like the name.) :)

    P.S. Mr. M also has a manly container on his scooter. When I commented on it today, he said, "No needlework please!"

  22. I'm going to suggest either Rosa Gul (according to Google it means yellow rose in Norwegian) or Tweety for the scooter. Or maybe Marigold! I'm not trying to get extra entries, I just want your adorable scooter to get the best name possible! :)

    I really enjoyed the week of guessing! Congratulations to the winners. ;)

  23. Love your pretty scooter basket and don't quite understand why the NVO would not want his manly basket dressed so nicely.
    It sure was a fun week of guesses and I admire the picture of your contained crochet basket with those pretty red shoes.
    About a scooter name - something Rosey maybe or a classic Harriette?
    Enjoy selecting a winner for your scooter's name.

  24. Ce panier est vraiment trop beau pour un scooter, personnellement je le mettrai en valeur dans le milieu de mon salon !!

    Bravo aux gagnantes et merci pour ces bons moments de convivialité partagés.

    Bonne semaine !!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hi Astri. I seem to have lost your email address, so I have to leave this message here. I received my gift in the mail today, and I just wanted to thank you again. I enjoyed playing your guessing game - it was a lot of fun. :)

    1. You're welcome Debi - thank you for playing. :-)