Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bucolic New Banner

I had been thinking lately that I wanted a more *bucolic banner for the blog.
Something that would represent 
"Tales and Dreams from the Empty Nest" 
(while still including apple blossoms. ;-) )
Something that would represent a lot of different topics
 or any topic, for that matter. 
As an empty nester I have a lot of interests
 and more time than I had in my former full nest days.
(well...more time...hmmm, not sure???)
But I do have a lot to share.

So I engaged a lovely long time acquaintance to help me with a new banner
 and this is what she designed:
I love it!
She captured exactly what I communicated to her,
all via email, which is still amazing to this old timer. ;-)

Check out this special touch:
  That's me and the NVO in our empty nest,
talking about the dreams that came true and dreams to come,
which is what we do quite often.

It's likely that I am the one on the left,
I'm trying to be a better listener, but he is such good one...
hmmmm....on second thought, maybe I'm just waiting for food.

I've been blogging now for nearly five years 
and it's been a dream come true!

This is my third banner and I think it fits in very nicely with this phase of life.

My wish is that no matter what your situation or phase in life
you feel welcome here!

And here's to you, my bloggy friends for your assistance
 in making one of my dreams come true:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
for all your love and interest!
In hopes you are following your dreams!

*not a word I knew until yesterday, when the Little Bug taught me
 after seeing the new banner and calling it bucolic. :-)
I hope you look up the word, if you don't already know it.
Let me know if you think
it's a good adjective for the new banner.
I have now added it to my vocabulary repertoire
 and you'll be seeing it again, I'm sure! 

Thanks, Little Bug!


  1. It's very beautiful, Astri, and definitely bucolic! (I didn't know the meaning either, I had to look it up, too!)

  2. It's a beautiful header Astri - and it goes very well with your background paper. :)

  3. Lovely new banner, Astri! It's so you and I like the representation of you and your husband in that cosy little nest surrounded by apple blossom!

  4. Beautiful new banner! All the best for the future :)

  5. It looks perfect Astri so sweet, and yes the word bucolic describes it well (I had to look it up too) xx

  6. Love the banner - so sweet. Just like you!

  7. Very pretty indeed and a lovely story behind it! xx

  8. Love the new Banner...... I've also been blogging for just over 5 yrs now and I'm ready for a new banner too........ Just haven't quite decided just what to do though! How wonderful to have such an artistic friend to help capture your thoughts!!! Now if we could get our adult children to all leave home for good ( yep son is back this time)... We might actually get to be empty nesters!!

  9. such a charming new banner!
    bucolic is perfect for it.

  10. I love your new banner and that word, bucolic and yep had to look it up.....I have been away from bloggy world and just coming back again.....great to visit here always but not often enough lately....xoxoxo

  11. This banner is gorgeous, love the bright colors and little details.