Friday, July 10, 2015

More Cherry Dishcloths?

Yes, more cherries!

When I get onto something, I'm there a while...
So now I've been experimenting with different colors of cherry dishcloths
to see which compliments the cherries the best.
This one I like best, for now. ;-)
It's the colors of my kitchen!

The consensus is that the shell edge is best with cherries:
One of the dishcloths is done in a picot edge.
Can you spot it? Where's Picot? haha

Perhaps it's because the shell looks like half of a cherry?
So the shell edge is my new edge of choice for these.

Instructions to make your own can be found here.
More details on how to crochet the edges/border
on a future post.

Hey, and these are great to bust that cotton stash!
These are made from all different cottons, cotton blends and weights.
So here's the questions of the day:
What cotton yarn do you like best for dishcloths?
And the second question of the day:
Which color do you like best?
(Oh and there may be more colors to you don't have to decide quite yet,
or like me, you can change your mind!)

See you later with more cherries and colors!


  1. They are way too nice for dishcloths. I have been making cherry brooches, they are a fun motif.Jo x

  2. They're really all lovely, Astri. I guess it all depends on the colour of your kitchen. Mine is plain white with old-fashioned pale yellow (cream) tiles, so anything goes! I do find the light grey one very classy looking with the red border and cherry embellishment!

  3. All of your making has been cherry fruitful!! xx

  4. São lindos,amei as cerejas.Bom fim de semana.Beijo.Valéria.

  5. Those are just divine Astri. Now let's see, where is my hook????
    XO Kris

  6. So colorful and beautiful. i like

  7. They are all such beautiful color combos it's hard to choose, but I think I prefer the blue toned ones the best. You sound like me, I get on a kick and create mass creations. Right now, I'm on a crochet hot pad kick. I have a whole stack of them made. I guess they will have to become Christmas gifts. :)

  8. So colourful Astri! I love the bright blue one the best and I can see how these fit your kitchen so well! I was only thinking of you the other day when I took my clock into the paint shop to get some paint samples in those purple shades you crocheted the clock in. Hopefully come spring/summer I'll have a lovely bedroom to share

  9. Your dishcloths are lovely and colorful!!:)

  10. I usually use the Peaches n Cream or the Sugar n Cream cottons. Your cherry dishcloths are very pretty and I think all the colors look great. :)