Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crocheted Rose Table Runner

Table Runner Ta Dah!
The table runner idea from the previous post morphed in a
reversible table runner; both sides match the new dishes!

The crocheted roses were modeled after the tiny little roses inside the mug:
Aligned with the edge of the table
...hanging over the edge.
The roses are pinned on so they can be easily 
reversed to the light blue gingham side as desired.
The NVO contributed red roses for the first table setting on the new table runner.
He's a dream to put up with and support my antics!
Stay tuned for a V-day Advent gift,  "Brød" pillow, a give-away, and more crochet roses. :-)


  1. Hi Astri,
    Thank you for your recent visit and kind comments.
    I love everything about your table. It looks so cheerful and welcoming and the runner is the perfect touch. I also love the apple branch in your header photo. I think it is so pretty how you added the crocheted flowers to the branch.

  2. Too lovely, red is so beautiful ! The dish is very pretty ! Roses, hmmmmmmmm, magnificent ....
    And a surprise soon, oh, oh !!!!!!

  3. Be still my beating heart! I love this...the roses and the red just make me happy.

  4. So cheerful! And what lovely roses. Red roses... I think that means he loves you....

    I like the way you shaped the ends of the runner.

  5. hello
    wow!!! what a great idea.....love the roses.
    have a nice weekend,