Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 Days Before Valentine's Day...

My True Love Gave To Me:

3 Hearts on a Microfiber Towel

Another Dollar Tree find:
Three crochet hearts with a picot edge.
Yarn: I Love This Cotton Yarn
Hook: "E" for red hearts, "H" for white heart.
(What a difference a hook size makes!)
Heart Pattern is from My Rose Valley found here.
Picot edge video can be found here.

This towel had some stitching on the edge that I was able to crochet into with the "E" hook.
*3 chs and a sc* repeat * to * to across to end.

Next row:
3 chs, 4 dc, in sc from previous row, sk ch sp, sc in next sc from previous row.
*sk ch sp, 5 dc in next sc, sk ch sp, 1 sc in next sc*.
Repeat from * to * to end.
(Nothing is worked in the ch spaces.)

Sew hearts onto towel:

And enjoy a festive Kitchen!

Stay tuned, as there will be 2 of something tomorrow!


  1. so beautiful. you are such an inspiration!!

  2. Love, love, love this one. Hugs to you,

  3. Lovely Astri, they look so pretty on the towels, your home must now be a haven of love hearts. :)

  4. Your lovely hearts really cheer up a plain towel but I would hate to use it!! xx

  5. I really love that towel. Next time I go to the Dollar Tree, I'll have to pick up a couple. :)

  6. They look so festive on your white oven. Very cute.

  7. So, so cute!!!! I have always wanted to do this on a towel. Think I will give it a go.
    xo Kris

  8. How lovely the red and white looks in your sleek modern kitchen! Those micro-fibre cloths are a great invention, aren't they?

  9. super belles finitions, très réussies :)

  10. Soo beautiful!! ♥ Thanks for sharing :-)

  11. Hola Astri gracias por u agradable visita ♥ y te digo que este trabajo es hermoso, porque algo cotidiano como un repasador como cambia con la intervención de tus divinos corazones, me encanta que buen regalo!!! besitos.

  12. All of a sudden I am loving everything red! These are adorable!

  13. So pretty - your house is full of love! :)

    Microfiber cloths are great.

  14. I am having a Valentine's Crochet Workshop today and I haven't even finished one heart yet... You are very productive dear Astri. And thank you for linking. Lovely Valentine's kitchen ware.

  15. Absolutely beautiful!! I love all your hearts.

    Lluisa x