Monday, February 10, 2014

4 Days Before Valentine's Day...

My True Love Gave To Me:

4 Hanging Scented Closet Sachets

These were super easy.
Would you like to make some?
Here's how:
 Make two granny squares.
This pattern is the Granny Rose pattern found here.
With an extra granny row.
The two squares are joined with a picot stitch.
 be sure to leave an opening where you will not picot stitch
 the two sides together but just one side by itself.... that it looks like this:
 20 chs in the corner of the open corner will create a loop that will 
slip through the other side of the square to close it and hang on a clothes hanger!

Fill with a "Sachet Scent".
(These were found at Dollar Tree: 3 in a package for $1!!!)

A continued finely scented Valentine's Day week to you all!

Stay tuned, as there will be 3 of something tomorrow!

(See CANDO page for CANDO progress update)


  1. Astri, какая красота! И как всегда очень хорошая идея для подарка.

  2. Another lovely idea, Astri! You are so industrious with your hook and yarn! Well done!

  3. Very pretty - and a great idea too. :)

  4. What a lovely idea, these really would make a great gift! xx

  5. Brilliant idea - especially the way you did the opening and the corner hanger! And the sachets are beautiful - so springy looking. Someday we'll have roses again.... :)

  6. Great idea! And nice find at the Dollar Tree. That's it; I'm headed over to buy the pattern. Thanks :-)

  7. Astri, wow.. those are to die for!!! Its definitely going to my to so list... lovely colors combo and they are super duper cute!!!