Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Days Before Valentine's Day...

My True Love Gave To Me:

5 Pincushions

I started with the same hearts cut out for the potholders.
 Sewed together with an opening for stuffing.
(I also zig-zagged along edge since gingham is quite flimsy.)
 With a "Sharp Crochet Hook"  and Aunt Lydia's #10 thread,
crochet around edge with *1sc and 2chs*, repeating from * to * to opening.
Leave thread in place in order to continue crocheting after opening is sewn closed.
 Stuff with fiberfill or stuffing of choice. :-)
 sew up opening.
 Continue to crochet along opening edge.

 With white "I Love This Cotton" yarn and an "E" hook,
ch 3 at point of heart (counts as first dc).
 4 dc in same corner
 sk 1 st, sc in next st, sk 1 st, 5 dc in next st.
(While coming around the "humps" you may want to not sk sts
in order for the crocheted edge to lay flatter.)
 2 sc in a row at place where the two "humps" meet.
 Join with sl st to beginning.
 Pin in and hand sew ribbon.
 For this look:
Embellish with roses from the "rose-in-the-round" pattern found here,
 for this look:
This one might be my favorite of the Valentine's Day countdown.

Stay tuned, as there will be 4 of something tomorrow!


  1. What a lot of work (sewing is not my strong point!), but what a lovely result! My favourite is the yellow one, it looks so fresh!

  2. Oh Astri, they are so beautiful!! ♥ My favorites are yellow and green :-). Thanks for this great tutorial!! And also for the link about the sharp crochet hook. I'm afraid I have to order it there because I couldn't find a sharp one here. Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Wow!! They are so beautiful !! These are my favourites too of all you showed so far :)

  4. Astri, великолепные сердечки! Все такие красивые!!!

  5. Hello lovely Astri sorry for the absence but as usual work dominates my life at present. Astri I simply adore these hearts and thank you so much for the tutorial - I am going to have a go at one - never used crochet on sewing before but it is so effective and gorgeous. These will make super little gifts to everyone, have a fabulous Sunday Astri sending you lots of love and hugs

  6. More beautiful Valentine's eye candy for us.
    Love them,

  7. Cela paraît simple et facile, en fait cela demande beaucoup de temps malgré tout. Le résultat est charmant;
    Bonne fin de dimanche et gros bisous

  8. blue one does it for me...reminds me of little summershift dresses my Mormor used to make for me...complete with ricrac!!

    1. Wish I could contact you bonzogirl. We have Norsk stuff to talk about!

  9. They're so pretty :-) All your pretty work makes me want to learn to sew.

  10. Wow! Beautiful hearts, Astri. Linda@Wetcreek and Wetcreek Museum Blogs

  11. So charming! Who doesn't love gingham!!!??? XO

  12. Beautiful Astri, so pretty I love them. :)

  13. Those are the cutest things ever!! I just love everything you do.

  14. They are really rather beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial too, I know they take ages to do. Jo x

  15. Very beautiful pincushions. Thank you for the tutorial. have a nice week. Tina

  16. I love these pincushions. I think I have all the supplies. Now I just have to find the time.

  17. What a lovely idea! I do love combining sewing and crochet - peculiarly satisfying! I've got one of those "sharp hooks" - they're great aren't they? Love the gingham / crochet / braid combination you've chosen for these. E x