Monday, February 24, 2014

Week Ending 7 of CANDO 2014: Vegetables and Double Happiness

I CAN eat lots of vegetables.
 This last week I focused on eating more vegetables...
Vegetables are DOUBLE HAPPINESS!
 and this was my favorite meal:
Shrimp and veggie rice rolls.
These ingredients were rolled up in rice paper.
Then and I made hoisin sauce mixed with Adam's natural peanut butter
 and chopped peanuts for the inside of the roll.
Then dipped the rolls in a sauce of tamari, sriracha sauce and orange juice.
It was so good.

 Unfortunately, this last week I also focused on eating more...
I even visited the chocolatier...twice!
It was one of those out-of-control weeks.

So here's this morning result.
But I CAN give you something instead of the excuses that I had planned.
(Thank you TA for your words of wisdom.)
I CAN give you the truth.
The truth is...I took in more calories than I needed, 
many of those calories included sugar which made me crave more sugar
 (gosh the pickled herring even had a lot of sugar in it - no wonder I ate the whole jar in two days!) 
and I lacked willpower to resist the cravings in spite of not being hungry. 
I also ate after 6:30 PM.

However; there is some other good news,
 in addition to the vegetable good news, 
my exercise routine is on track.
Last week looked like this:

M, W, SA: 15 minute EXTREME weight work-out.
TH: A rest day
F: Yoga class called "Stiffer Bodies" with Little Bug.
SU: Walking with intermittent 30 second bursts of jogging with the NVO.
(As close to HIIT - high intensity interval training as I can get at this time.)

This week, so that it's not so overwhelming, I will focus on not eating after 6:30 PM
 and continuing a similar exercise schedule.
Water too!

Here are today's charts:

I report the following:
It is what it is...

If you would like a copy of this Excel spreadsheet to customize to your own plan, 
I would be happy to send it to you. 
Just drop me an email at requesting it.

 CANDO homies report the following:

Have a good CANDO week and remember that the chart that includes
 everyone is posted on the CANDO 2014 page here.



  1. We are eating more veggies this week too - children included and they are doing really well. You CAN get back on track Jo X

  2. Remember the overall trend is still going in the right direction. You're doing great, Astri and living life as well as losing weight and getting fitter. I admire your perseverance and dedication very much - you are so inspirational! Have a good "can do" week! (with hooky action too of course!) E x

  3. Those veggie rolls look so fresh and delicious. We always like to get those when we go to a Thai restaurant if they have them. They are good with tofu in them for a little protein too. I think I made them once and decided it was just easier to go out and get them than spend half the day chopping all those veggies! Lazy!

  4. Oh, I'd love some of those veggie rolls and I've never tried making them. We used to have Filipino neighbors that made those and would bring me some over. Since they moved 2 years ago I've not had them since. Are they easy to make? Now I want some!!

    You go girl on your work out program. I love that you're doing the walking/jogging. You're doing great!!

  5. Astri you are doing so well - your pictures are so mouth wateringly good. The veggie rolls sound divine, I would love some of them. Your exercise programme sounds good and you are on your way towards your goal, well done Astri you are an inspiration to us all. Have a fabulous week, sending you lots of loves and hugs as always