Friday, February 21, 2014

Sochi Norwegian Fjord Beanie and Selfies

I am so proud to present a work-up of Snowcatcher's pattern for a....

You can check-out Snowcatcher's beautiful warm blog for a delightful visit here.
The pattern for the hat and the snowflake can be found there, here and here
respectively and respectfully.
She is an amazingly talented lady!

This Fjord Beanie was made with the following yarn:
Isn't the inclusion of gray nice?

I am so happy with this hat, that speaks to me from my home country,
 that I was even willing to include a couple of selfies:
(Note the cropping of the braces. ;-) )

The next hat will be embellished with the Norwegian flag; however, 
this hat was embellished with this delicate snowflake, also designed by Snowcatcher,
 in honor and memory of Sarah Burke. Sarah Burke was a gold medalist hopeful, 
who tragically lost her life while training for her sport; a sad and heart wrenching story. 
Lots of loving and continued healing thoughts go out to her family and friends; she will be remembered.

Thank you Snowcatcher 
for sharing your talent and your love!


  1. Oh, Astri, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your choice of yarn! The colors are fantastic! You worked this up in record time. I think you deserve a medal. Then you'll have to do a selfie biting the medal. I like your little nametag, too... so awesome!

  2. I love grey and blue together and what a lovely match for your eyes!

  3. Very nice, well done!

  4. How lovely that variegated yarn looks made up and that hat is so pretty and matches your Norwegian eyes so well! The snowflake is just beautiful and what a thoughtful intention to have designed it in honour and memory of Sarah Burke.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Astri!

  5. What a pretty hat, Astri! The icy blue yarn is the perfect background for this beautiful snowflake and the hat suits you so well :-). Have a nice weekend!

  6. i just saw a piece on Sarah Burke last night, what a horrible tragedy, such a beautiful young woman so full of life. Her parents and husband have such a beautiful outlook on their loss, seeing her Mom beaming at the Olympics because she was so proud of her daughter was amazing.

  7. Love the hat Astri. The variegated blues are the perfect colors for the snowflake - reminds me of the sky when it's snowing. :)

  8. Your hat is lovely and as others have said above, a perfect colour to go with the snowflake!! xx

  9. It's a lovely hat, it looks just perfectly wintery. What a terribly lost of a young woman, very sad I didn't know...

    Have a nice day!!


  10. Very pretty! Very nice yarn and the snowflake is really cute xx

  11. I love your hat, such a pretty color! It looks really cute on you : )

  12. I like blue colour, so I like this hat :)
    Have a good day !!!!