Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sparkly Blackberry Rose Cake

Here's the "how-to" to yesterday's Valentine's Day Cake:

 I took the easy route this time and used a cake mix.
(It is ice-fishing season, ya' know, and there's not a lot of time for anything else. ;-) )

Bake in a heart shaped pan.

Take fresh blackberries (any berry would be good, however) and squish the juice through a strainer.
Reserve juice for frosting.

Slice cake in two pieces.
Add a little powdered sugar to fruit and spread over bottom slice.
Place top half on top of fruited bottom.

Make frosting, I used the directions on the back of the powdered sugar package, but then I
 added the juice from blackberries and enough extra powdered sugar for a consistency
that would hold the roses...
mine was a little on the too soft side, but I ran out of sugar so I made do. :-)

Add a thin layer of frosting all the way around and on top of the cake.

Now comes the fun part:
 Take a Wilton 2D tip and decorating bag,

Start with the bag straight up and go around, 
around and
around until rose is formed and lift up and to the side.
It may be easier to "rose" the sides first, then the top.
Now for the sparkle.
(I did not end up using the white glitter this time,
 but could be fun on white or red roses.)

 Pink glitter.

Then add tiny silver balls.

For a magical cake:
 or two:
I made a small one and a large one.
Once the pink glitter sits on the frosting for a while it becomes less grainy
 and gives a beautiful iridescent glow that was difficult to capture in photos.

Wishing you lots of love!


  1. Maybe THE most beautiful valentines cake I've ever seen--

  2. Well, that was actually a lot easier than I would have thought. I may have to make this. Looks yummy.

  3. looks so gorgeous and delicious!!

    Have a great weekend..

  4. What a gorgeous cake. Not often am I tempted to make a decorative cake such as this beauty. But, this is exceptional and I will certainly be buying all the products in the very near future. Thank you for such a nice tutorial. God Bless.

  5. You are such a very talented and creative lady.. That cake looked so very very yummy and the prettiest Valentines Cake I have ever saw. Hugs Judy

  6. It looks lovely Astri but there is no way I could make it look as beautiful as you have. I must find a heart shaped pan and give it a try. :)

  7. Nice job on the frosting. The cake looks so gorgeous that I dont think I could bring myself to eat it....that is if I could pull it off as well as you have :)


  8. I loved your Valentines countdown, and this cake is simply gorgeous ~ when I saw that you had MADE it, I was like, "She bakes, too?!" Lovely! <3

  9. What a beautiful cake!!!
    xo Kris

  10. It sounds delicious and it's so pretty. You're really good at icing roses!

  11. It looks so pretty and I really like the idea of using the blackberry juice to flavour and colour the icing!! Your roses look very pretty too. I hope that it was as tasty as it looked! xx

  12. Trop beau et certainement très bon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!