Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Dad

In 1962 my parents immigrated to the USA from Norway.
Here is an article I ran across this evening, from their local paper in 
Kristiansund N., Norway, in regards to their trip.
That's me on my mother's lap; I was two years old.
What a brave endeavor!
Although I am perplexed at their decision and I miss Norway, 
I am grateful for the opportunities and 
especially glad that they immigrated; otherwise, I may not have met the NVO. :-)

My father had a bakery for several years in Norway and then in the USA for 35 years.
I was his apprentice.
He passed away 12 years ago in March.
My mother moved back to Norway.
I miss him.
I miss Norway.

Here's is one of the last photos of Mor og Far together:
They were happy.
They had a good marriage.

Thank you for indulging me in my melancholy mood this evening.
The memories are good.


  1. A sweet photo! It's hard to move from state to state. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to leave one's country.

  2. Dear Astri, Thank you sharing these wonderful pictures and memories with us. You have reminded me of a lot of things in my own life but of course putting my thoughts here will make a very long story. Maybe one day I will do something similar on my blog. Have a lovely day.
    Love from India.

  3. Oh Astri, this is so sweet! I miss my parents everyday. I moved to the city years ago yet I miss the hilly and the mountainous hometown everyday.

    I can totally imagine how difficult it must be for you...!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Sorry you are feeling sad today Astri. I miss my parents too. Hugs xxxx

  5. What a lovely post Astri !! and what a lovely picture !! Being an immigrant can be a bit of a bitter-sweet experience. I lived in Ireland for 7 years and my heart was divided between Ireland & Spain every day.. . .
    Good memories are the best inheritance our parents can give us....treasure them !

  6. Beautiful memories, Astri. I really enjoyed sharing them. The photo of your parents is beautiful. It's so hard when you're far from home and I too often fall into melancholy moods remembering home, the people I left there and the people who leave us behind.
    Have a wonderful day xx

  7. A beautiful post Astri. Sometimes we look back and the memories are so vivid but we have to remember the good ones to keep them alive in our hearts.

  8. I'm sad for you that you no longer have your Dad alive, but glad that you have happy memories and that he and your Mum had such a good life and marriage together. It is lovely to be able to share those you love, so thank you for sharing your Dad - and Mum! - with us. xx

  9. Gosh...I too have photos like that..of me in a kofte...sitting on either my Mums or Mormors knee...even tho' I wasn't born in Norway...spent ginormous amounts of time it was only quick trip across the north sea for us..being in the north of I do regard Norway as my homeland the culture and the importance of family life which seems far more prevalent there....I miss it too...(((((((((hugs))))))))))) Jeannette(JANNEMOR!!!!)

  10. You gave me goosebumps! Great post. You should frame those 2 photos together.

  11. What a great picture of your parents, they look like really nice people. Thanks for sharing this bit of your history.

  12. Such a sweet photo of your parents. I know what its like being an immigrant. I'm one too. I was also two years old at the time. I'm very grateful they made the decision. I think this country is the best place to live. Sweet memories!

  13. What great pictures and memories. I came from Canada when I was 5. I miss it and all my cousins, and still have my Canadian citizenship. You do a wonderful job on your blog of honoring your heritage : )

  14. How wonderful. I grew up in a state far from the one I was born in and where I spent the first few years of my life, so I can kind of relate to your feelings. It's so nice that you've saved the clipping, what a great occasion.

  15. Er tilfeldigvis innom bloggen i dag, og det var interessant å lese om utvandringa og kvifor du og familien reiste over havet:) Eg har liten kjennskap til mormonar, men høyrer du framleis til blant dei?
    Her er våren i full gang, og eg håpar det vert ei fin helg med fjelltur og litt jobbing i hagen. God helg til deg!

  16. I'm sorry for your melancholy mood. I hope you find strength and joy in your sweet memories. Thank you for sharing about your brave and amazing parents.

  17. Thank you for including us. How brave of them to make that big change in their lives. I love a good love story, that lasts years and years. You are blessed to have two countries that you love.

  18. Thank you all for your sweet sweet comments regarding my dad. Warmed my heart!

  19. Dear Astri
    Intersting article. And an unexpected reason for that brave move in 1962. A beautiful picture of Mor og Far. I understand you miss him. I understand you miss Norway even though you were only 2 when moving. I will always have an empty space inside of me. Sweden is the only place that can fulfill that space. But still I am happy where I am as long as I have my family. If I ended up alone I would probably return, like your mother did. It is not always easy to be an emigrant.

    My Rose Valley

  20. So lovely to see your parents together as you have special fond memories of your father in this month of March.
    I think that wherever we may live in our country of adoption, the heart always yearns for our country of origin. I feel it too!

  21. Émouvant .............