Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Crochet Teaser

First and foremost, I so appreciate all your kind and loving comments about my father,
from the previous post.
You are very special friends.
Thank you for being part of my blogging world.
I am so happy to have "met" all of you.
A big hug to you all!

So back to business:

Here's a project with an ETA of 4/1/14:
 Made with:
 Encore yarn and 

And includes...yes, you guessed it, the infamous granny rose.
(rose pattern can be purchased here.)

Stay Tuned Tuesday April 1st for the rest of the story.

Have a lovely Spring day!


  1. Ooh, I think I might know from the first picture what this is… :) I imagine you could crochet granny roses in your sleep by now!

  2. Somebody is getting ready for spring!!

  3. Is it one of your lovely hearts, those flowers never fail to make me smile.Jo x

  4. Dear Astri,
    I send many greetings spring!
    You crochet so beautifully ...
    In the previous post is a beautiful picture of your parents
    and memories. Norway is a beautiful country ...
    Have a beautiful spring days!!

  5. So pretty! Love the multi color yarn!

  6. I love the spring colours Astri, Can't wait to see what you are up too. :)

  7. Lovely Astri I wanted to leave you a message on your last post. I have visited Kristiansund several times and always loved being there. As soon as I arrived in Norway I felt that I had found the home of my soul, the people, scenery and the culture are just wonderful and it is a place I would gladly live in tomorrow if I could. What a lovely post about your wonderful Dad and how you must miss him and your lovely Mum back in Norway. They are such a handsome couple in the photograph so no wonder you are proud of them both. I miss my lovely Dad every single day and would give anything to have a couple more minutes with him - I know that you must feel the same. Lovely Astri you are one of my most favourite bloggers and I am so glad that I found you. Have a fabulous week, sending you big hugs and loves

  8. Those pink and blue roses look so lovely together and with the fresh green leaves too! I believe I see a heart in the making!

  9. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to!!! xx

  10. Beautiful colours Astri and loved reading about your father xoxo

  11. A long time I did'nt visit your blog because a lot of works to do.
    Have a good week !!!!!

  12. Hello Astri,
    Beautiful colours, just love the rose pattern.. I am desperately trying to use up my stash... You know how it is... So the rose pattern will fit in quite nicely.... We are waiting for winter here.... Looking forward to rain.. Enjoy your Spring and its beautiful colours... hugs pat..

  13. Lovely crocket work! :-)
    Så fine ord om foreldrene dine i innlegget under her!
    Ha ei fin-fin uke! :-)

  14. Those roses are gorgeous and that Tilda yarn looks soooo yummy ;)

    Lluisa xx