Monday, March 10, 2014

Week Ending 9 of CANDO 2014: Flavorful Food

I CAN flavor our food with herbs and spices.
The most flavorful dish I made this week was Panang Curry.
(Recipe with photo how-to's on tomorrow's post.)

This week I was super careful with my eating plan,
the flavorful foods helped and
it resulted in this:
Down 3.2!!!

My exercise routine is still on track.
Last week looked like this:

M, W, SA: 15 minute EXTREME weight work-out.
F: Yoga class called "Stiffer Bodies" with Little Bug.
SU: Walking with intermittent 30 second bursts of jogging with the NVO.

Here are today's charts:

I report the following:
It's finally headed in the right direction again!.

If you would like a copy of this Excel spreadsheet to customize to your own plan, 
I would be happy to send it to you. 
Just drop me an email at requesting it.

 CANDO homies report the following:

Have a good CANDO week and remember that the chart that includes
 everyone is posted on the CANDO 2014 page here.



  1. I almost fell off my chair - wow!! Nice job Liz.

  2. Congratulations and the curry looks delicious!

  3. Go you and yum to tasty meals xo

  4. You are doing so well Astri, well done. :)

  5. I am sure you can do it Astri. Tasty looking soup. Hugs Judy

  6. What a great job your doing! And an inspiration you are by sharing this with others. I just had my little girl 2.5 months ago and I am so ready to start exercising again and loose this extra weight. My husband and I have started watching our diet and weeding out unhealthy habits. Its a start but seeing your weekly workout just gave me an extra kick to start mine. You mix it up with different things and thats just what I will need to do.

    The soup looks delicious!