Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 x Summer Granny Cushions

Summer Granny Cushions
Just in time for Autumn preparations. :-)
Remember this post?
Two cushions were still waiting to be made and here they are joined with their mates.

Excess on each corner was flipped over and sewn down.
I changed my mind on adding a flower to the corners.
It is plenty busy enough!
Stacks and stacks of fun, fun, fun!

In place, and remember?
 they are reversible. ;-)

Looks pretty good with the pillow from this post too, eh?
Here's to hoping the remainder of your summer is a colorful one!!!


  1. Gasp! Those are so awesome!

  2. They look great I love the red and white side too.

  3. Thanks you two! These have been fun to make. I sure wish crocheting burned calories. ;-)

  4. Oops - another comment collided in cyberspace. I stand corrected - thanks you three and welcome Bebe. The red and white side has plans to coordinate with gingham - one of my happy treats. :-0

  5. I love the sort of trompe l'oeil effect on the red and white side (or do I mean optical illusion?) - like a big X formed by the corners of the rounds. Very cheerful cushions!

  6. Какая красота! Очень красочно и весело.

  7. Haha, maybe an optical illusion...but maybe one of those "Magic Eye" stereograms of the 90's. ;-)
    Thank you for the nice comment all the way from Russia! :-)

  8. Just found your blog now & i am so pleased i did, I love your beautiful cushions & the lovely green one with the flowers :D. Will def be back!!!

  9. Hi Karen - much gratitude for the lovely comment and I am so glad you found my blog. Have a wonderful day!

  10. I have just found your gorgeous blog via i-crochet. I adore your cushions - they are stunning!!! Hope you're having a fab week.