Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Granny Bunting

Patio Umbrella Bunting

The cushion coordinated patio umbrella bunting is done...
unless it needs tassels or a hangy flower on the end of each triangle???
What do you think?

Each "bunt" alternates between red and white and colored to match the cushions. :-)
Eight sections with five triangles each.
40 BUNTS!!!!

Pattern and tutorial found here at Lilley's Handcrafted Lovelies.
Thank you Lilley for your excellent tutorial!
I changed the last row around to a royal blue picot with ten chains in between "bunts"
 and then a rust colored single crochet all the way down the edge
 to give it a little more weight.
It's time to party on the patio!


  1. Hi Astri!!!
    How are you? I like very much your cushions and your triangles!
    Have a good summer!

  2. Hello Astri,
    These are lovely! I love the way the bunting hangs down while the umbrella is closed. A surprising bonus to your wonderful creation.

  3. Your patio is lovely, many colours to brighten up it (is it correct ????)
    Have a good sunday

  4. I love comments! Thank you all so much!

  5. they look beautiful! Love it! x