Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rag Rug

Painted Scandinavian Rag Rug

A rag rug on the front porch would be nice, cozy it up a bit ya' know;
give it a little bit of that Scandinavian spice.

Hmmmmm...I was thinking; the porch gets a lot of traffic and
a lot of weather so a rag rug was not really feasible.
 Light bulb turns on: how about if I paint it to make it look like a rag rug?
Then we can just sweep right over it and hose it down when needed. :-)

So with my colored crayola pencils and some graph paper an idea is put down on paper.
(Hey, I'm not an artist or a designer, I'm an accountant for heaven's sake and I am always in a hurry!)
 This is the best I can do unless I try to slow down and
I have had much too much "Iced Coffee a Go-Go" to do that.  :-)


The NVO helps prepare the peeling concrete from where it had been painted before:
I apologize in advance for this photo, but I had to prove that, although
 the NVO is very good at prepping the concrete for my crazy ideas,
 he is not a good plumber!

And here is the result of that archaic drawing and a finely prepped area to paint.
(Thanks to the NVO - the prep is the most work and unfortunately the least bang for the buck.)

Man, is it ever fun fixing up the joint!


  1. That is AMAZING! At first I thought it might be a floorcloth. This is even better! Wow.

    So glad the NVO is NOT a good plumber. :)

  2. I could have been a plumber...
    but I decided as a scientist I'd get to play with rocks and blow stuff up...much cooler.

  3. My wife is so talented. A friend of mine actually thought it was a real rug...and he was almost standing on top of it!

  4. Wow amazing work. It looks so real.

  5. Really great work! That section of the porch looks so inviting :-)

  6. What nice compliments! Thank you all so very much.

  7. oh, c'est tout simplement magnifique !!! Quel talent !
    Bonne soirée :)