Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flower Power

What do you do when you have an abundance of all shades of green yarn?

And you only want to spend $6??? start doing this...

and then all of a sudden and without warning...

 you run to Walmart with a few bucks ($6) and change at approximately midnight...
and buy one of these olive green decorative pillows.
The pillow forms that would need to be covered with fabric start at $5.97
and are much smaller than this one.
This is so tricky!

That is the beauty of Walmart yarn: one can feed ones obsession at any time of the day or night.
Sometimes a buddy (The NVO) will join you.
He will support and enable the obsession by riding along and protecting you from the midnight hour "going ons" at Walmart all the while still loving you. :-)

Then this happens...

 different shades of green on different sides of the pillow...

Then the good stuff:


More Flowers!!!
Then it goes outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Happy, Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Lovely! It makes me wish I could crochet! I love the flowers. Maybe one day....

  2. Oh yes Ruth...learning to crochet is terrible addictive and fun! Thank you for the comment. I'll learn to knit when you learn to crochet. ;-)

  3. Never you stop crochet ????
    Nice cushion !! It looks confortable :)
    Have a lovely day !

  4. Haha..that's what the NVO's says. I only stop long enough to blog. ;-) Time to take a break, paerhaps. I should exercise instead.

  5. Love the little garden pillow. Great tip on the pillow form. Lovely idea. Wonderful job.

  6. Astri, Astri...slow're going to need a bigger house soon. Actually I know there is no way of slowing you down...the ideas, energy and dedication just keep coming and I love it.

  7. FABULOUS! Yes, inexpensives Wal-Mart yarn is troublesome to my wallet too!