Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Apple Blossom Citrus

I can't even describe the thrill I feel when I run across a product or an item that has the words "Apple Blossom" (hereinafter referred to as A.B.)  included in its name.

(See A.B. post here for another joyful A.B. product.)
A handy dandy coupon and a trip over to the local Bath and Body Works and I was in A.B. heaven.
I rarely splurge on scented products as they generally go to waste.
You see, I am unable to wear any scented products,
 at my place of employment, as there is a lab (laboratory not labrador - hehe) on the premises.
However, I work from home twice a week and that is when...
 I slather on the scented goo and it is fun, fun, fun!
And let me tell you, the two days I work from home,
I am in my pj's most of the day and I am smellin' goo-oooo-ooood!!!'s the good life!
These pretty little crocheted A.B.'s keep poppin' up everywhere...
for their original post with a link to the pattern click here.

Have a Flowery Day!

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