Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plum Clafoutis via Domy

While browsing the Faire-Soi-Meme blog,
a delicious looking dessert caught my eye...
so I made it! Yeah!
Click here for my French friend's post. :-)

Served with Fage Greek Yogurt. Yum!!!
The NVO especially liked this one.
The European desserts seem to call for less sugar; hence, the sugar
 does not compete with the sweetness and flavor of the fruit.
Absolutely luscious!

These are all the plums we had..could have used more but it turned out just as dandy as can be!

It fluffed up all pretty in the oven, until I pulled it out...by
the time I grabbed the camera it settled down.
It's really quite light in texture.
A much simpler dessert than I thought for such a delicous treat.
Click here for the recipe link that Domy sent to me.
Merci, Domy!!!


  1. Ohh it's beautiful. I am looking forward to making this.
    I need to get some fresh fruit. I only have frozen cherries :(

  2. I'm thinkin' frozen cherries could work. ;-) Yum!

  3. yehhhhhhhhhhh !!
    Yes, yes, i made it with frozen cherries from the garden in England of my mother in low : delicious !!
    Me, I don't cooke fruits before put them in my "mixture" (oh, I can't talk in English well !!)
    Your clafoutis looke like delicious, and I think it was fabulous :)
    Bye, bye !!!! See you soon :)

  4. an other comment;
    Already : lookes like :(
    My recipe is a bit different, try again with this one (if NVO like that :))
    750 g fruits (cherries, plums, apricots, etc.)
    100 g flour
    1/2 teaspoon yeast
    4 eggs
    25 g butter
    1 cup milk
    1 teaspoon vanila suggar
    heate the oven at 180°
    in a bowl, beat eggs in omelette, add suggar with salt (a pinch)and beat 5 minutes (about)if you are tired, stop immediatly :)
    add flour and yeast. And progressivly the butter (in liquid (???) I don't know the word, hot butter, but not burn)
    put butter in the cake dish to grease it and put the fruits in it
    put the preparation on top and the dish in the oven for 45 minutes
    add vanila suggar on this, when it's cooked

    Ouf, j'ai terminé, quel travail :)

  5. Oh thank you Domy! I will try this one too - the NVO loves it when he is the guinea pig for my recipe experiments. ;-)

    I understood everything you wrote in English - nice of you to do that. My French is close to non-existent, but I would like to learn someday after I get my Norwegian back to snuff. I especially like the part about if I am tired I am to stop immediately, haha, that happens a lot!