Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lefse and Gingham Tea Towels

Lefse From a Box
Lefse is soft Norwegian flat bread, spread with a buttery-cinnamon-sugar goodness.
This is sort of like making cake from a box mix, though; it's good but scratch is better.
From "scratch" is on the "someday" list. :-)

The NVO's favorite Norsk treat....or so he says...hmmmmm...
...I thought he said it was berlinerkranser???
(I will be in BIG trouble when he sees this photo :-) )


Gingham Tea Towels
One of my favorite treats. :-)

The two together make the two of us together very happy!

Have a Happy Day!!!


  1. Lovely towels. Do I spy Fiesta ware mugs?

  2. Thanks, Lolly. Oh yes, it is Fiesta Ware...I've been collecting all the bright colors. I dropped the red butter dish so it's the white non-Fiesta ware for a while. :-)

  3. Tynnlefse is my favourite. Tykklefse is ok, but the skinnier one is the best. Lovely towels. What brand?

  4. Now Astri...don't get the impression that I (the NVO) don't want to consume mass quantities of berlinerkranser!!!

  5. Thank you all! Towels are from catalog: Brylane Home. Haven't met a lefse type that I didn't like yet. :-)Looking forward to making lefse sometime.