Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to Girlie

I have not been making the time to be girlie anymore.
Lately, it's been a ponytail and minimal make-up, if any.
Po' NVO, he doesn't say anything, but I think he likes me girlie
 and I most certainly do, but it can be so time consuming and expensive,
 and I'm always looking for ways to save time and money not spend it, for heavens sake!
Girlie left to make room for frugal. :-)

But now...

Girlie is back!

A Target run and the NVO's skills at sprucing up the "girlie" area aka vanity
 came to the rescue.

First, the Target run bore these:

$16 for new cosmetics
I didn't really need these but they were so fun and frugal that the
temptation of these motivational boosting items were irresistible.
I have sworn off department store cosmetics,
and getting my hair done professionally.
Instead it's $11 for hair color for 12 weeks (see above - coupon, too.)
Nice 'n Easy and a good pair of scissors in the hands of the NVO and I'm set.
(Don't get me started on how much money this saves each year and how all these types of things add up...because you will never get me to stop :-) )
This hair procedure has been going on for over two years now and I am
 none the worse for the wear. ;-)

Then the NVO built vanity cabinets:

Including this very handy tissue holder.
 He even built a spot for a back-up box of tissue.
So very clever, is he!

 Metal drawer knobs were replaced with... painted wood knobs from an old armoire.
These will eventually be embellished with rosemaling,
but that won't be until after the NVO and I attend Rosemaling Camp.
(Yes, you read that correctly - The NVO and I are attending Rosemaling Camp this Autumn.)

The area directly above the vanity will be rosemaled, as well.
Rosemaling is a style of decorative painting from Norway,
primarily using flowers and scroll work.
I can stare at Google images of rosemaling for hours and hours; so beautiful.
See my amateur attempts on this post.
I'm really hoping to improve my skills at camp...and the NVO, he's attending right along side me.
It must be love!
(Hey, I go ice fishing every year for Valentines Day - that's love, too.)

Then the drawers were lined with towels:
These red on red towels were purchased at either Target or Walmart and lined the drawers.
The inside of the drawers get so dirty with a lot of make-up and that this makes it so easy to throw the drawer "liners" in the wash and they are as good as new.
I forgot to take some "before" photos for comparison,
but here's a little bit of an idea of the most recent clean-up and organizing.
(Well it's really "AFTER - PHASE 1")
An earring organizer in one of the side drawers from Bed, Bath and Beyond, fit just right.
It pretty much just looks like the drawers were shut and the knobs were changed out.
Oh well, I will likely post again after I find a couple more red and white polka dot
 containers for organizing, add smaller red knobs to the vanity cabinets and the rosemaling touches have been added.
Stay tuned for "AFTER - PHASE 3".

It's good to be girl!!!


  1. I love all the things that are built into your girlie space. The idea for towels inside the drawers in so good i'm going to have to put one in mine because the powders gets everywhere no matter how careful I try to be.

  2. Thank you Karen! Glad you like the towels.

  3. The towels are sheer genius. I've sworn off department store cosmetics as well (except for a single Clinique lipstick every couple of years or so). I've switched to mail-order mineral makeup. Home haircuts are a GREAT way to save.

    I've seen some beautiful samples of rosemaling here in Wisconsin where we have a pretty good Norwegian population. Can't wait to see what you do with your red drawer knobs.

  4. So happy to find someone who knows rosemaling. The Norwegian population or at least the Norwegians interested in all things Norsk seems to be diminishing in my part of the country. Seems pretty strong in your parts. We have a daughter in Minnesota and her in-laws that we visited in Amery a few years back....beautiful country! Thanks for your lovely comments - they always make me smile.